Thursday, November 06, 2014

Carphone Warehouse

This is something I never wanted to write about.
I have tried many times to resolve it.

So let me start at the beginning.
The internet is great for buying things. But I have told my kids to buy from a shop whenever you can, this way you support local jobs and if a problem should arise you can just go back to the shop.

Boy was I wrong !

Back in May I decided to buy a new handset with a bigger screen, I went to the Carphone Warehouse I was pointed towards a Samsung handset. "Everything will transfer to your new phone"  I was assured.
So the papers were signed and money changed hands.
Then my phone was connected to a device where the contents of my device would be copied to the new fone.. Time passed...I went for tea and when I came back I was told that they
"Had to delete 1/2 of my photos to fit the phone book on to the new device"
A bit strange I thought and said goodbye, to go home for food.

I work with HailO and the app has details of my income, jobs,times and other information.

So I looked for my HailO app It was not there!
Or were any of the other apps.

So I went straight back to the shop where I was told that "the Apps do not transfer" Even though I was told at the time that I could continue with the new phone as all my information would be there, just as it was on the old device.

This is the first part which I find incredible.   Perhaps I am getting old.

The manager came and told me that apps do not transfer from Apple to Android.
I argued that I was told that they would and had I been told otherwise I would not have changed the phone.
I put my entire purchase on the counter and asked for a refund.

That is not going to happen and he turned his back on me.
"I am speaking to you" I said silence 

So I had the chip put into my old phone and went back to work.

I wrote to the Carphone warehouse in the Omni center a few days later and got no reply.

Then I phoned the helpline 4 times 3 times I was told that a supervisor would call me back.

No such luck.

So I noticed that their registered office in Dublin was in Mount St (Close to HailO)
It took the people who work there there a while to find out that indeed this was the registered office of the Carphone Warehouse and they took the letter.
I was just at the point of giving up a few weeks later when I got their reply.

They had spoken to the manager in Clearys store and he told them that they assured me that the Apps would not transfer before they sold me the phone.

He was not event present at that time.

So I had gone back to the store within an hour to complain. 

I only need a smart phone for work and If looses all my data I don't want it.

But the kindly PR lady said in he letter to me that she had checked with her sources and that indeed I could download the HailO app on android, which is not the point.

So since May the phone has been in a bag unused.
My son said that he would take it and use it....

I on the other hand was sold a phone which was not capable of doing what I was told it could do.

I am stuck with a new contract as well.

I have never spoken to anyone from the Carphone Warehouse directly, 6 or more contacts made by me.

Like their store manager they turn their back while I am speaking.

Please pass this on.
After all The Carphone warehouse not afraid of their customers.

So if anyone has a clue how to proceed I would appreciate it.

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