Thursday, November 13, 2014

Some you loose

So It is with heavy heart that I walk away from my troubles with the Carphone Warehouse.
There are many places that I can shop in and if they short change me once, shame on them.

Fool me twice shame on me.

So I was in London and I got a frantic phone call.."I hve a BIG problem You have to come and fix it now"
I explained that I was in London and then I made some calls.

No one answered.
I sent texts....No Reply

So I went to Euston and headed for Dublin.
"Change at Crewe for Holyhead"said the ticket guy.
En route the ticket collector also said "Change at Crewe"
So in Crewe I go off.

I didn't see any trains heading for Holyhead on the notice boards so I asked.

"No mate you change at Chester for Holyhead"

I saw my train (The one I got off from) pull away from the platform.
So I wait 20 minutes, later I am on my way again.

The train from Chester to Holyhead proceeds at a snails pace and stops at every hamlet along the way.

As I step on to the boat the people in Dublin I had been calling ring me back.

But at that point I was like a man waiting at the Alter..

Nothing for it but to proceed.

The problem was not so bad, If people had returned texts or answered their bloody phones I would still be there.

Anyhow bend like a reed in the wind.

So tomorrow I fly back to London to finish the Biz.

My young son gets my old phone and I transfer to the Samsung and re-load all my Apps.

Less all the info stored on them.

Carphone Warehouse 1
                  John 0

         But No more Biz from me.

Even Hitler is protesting about the water tax   !!!!!!!!!!!!

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