Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fasting ends Feasting begins

Very soon the sand will arrive in the grounds of Dublin castle and once more the sculptures will appear. The picture above shows the location where Sir William Rowan Hamilton first wrote down the fundamental formula for quaternions on October 16, 1843, which is to this day commemorated by a stone plaque on the northwest corner of the underside of the bridge.

                                                        The Irish Film Center


                        People crossing The Hapney bridge (A toll bridge)

                              I will be back at  Finnstown House around Christmas for this bird.

Ramadan is over the feasting begins Eio Al Fitr and on Friday last there was great rejoicing around the Mosque, everyone dressed up and smiling from ear to ear..
Irish society is changing quickly for sure.

By the way the Rose festival is on in St.Annes park Clontarf 130 bus fro Abbey St.
Fun and games for everyone and its free..

Things are moving on and thousands of tourists are flooding into the Emerald Isle, lets hope they enjoy it.
Its a pity the weather is so wet at the moment.

I went to a place where people arrive into the country. A selection of drivers were being selective, all they wanted was a long run. (Totally illegal)
I doubled up with 2 people going the same direction which turned the journey into a decent one.

Our taxi regulator is a big joke. They take out fees and do nothing when it comes to sharp practice.
I made a complaint around 8 months ago and got a notification recently that they were looking into it.
"The words not fit for purpose" come to mind

I noticed 2 people arriving at a city hotel and the guy paid with a €50 note, as the driver stepped back to the car and the passenger said "Its OK keep the change"So the charge must have been over €40.
When he is being brought back to the airport he will be sick to find out that it only costs €25.

This robbery effects everyone's business, little or nothing is done about it by the officials.

In New York it is a fixed charge, its written right in front of your face.
In Greece airport you follow the taxi sign to an office and you state you destination and pay.
You give the driver the receipt on arrival.
HailO has done a lot in returning the trust between driver and customer, they track my progress all day long and if a customer has a problem I can be called in and even loose the right to work for them. I saw it happen one day in the office a €25 journey turned into €60 and the customer was pleading with him to go back the other way.
When the driver was struck off he was very upset.

HailO made a refund to the customer.

To the customer whose son had his phone stolen by an Uber driver
Have a look below
The Garda should also be notified as he did steal the fone.
See comments on last post. I think Uber are in the book as they have an office.
They will also have photos of drivers.

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