Sunday, July 26, 2015

I took a break

                       Killarneys lakes so grand !
                 This is callled Cromwells arch, it is said that he marched through it as he left Ireland
                          A Duch traders house from the 1700s Youghal
                          Photo exhibition in the D'Lite studio
                                Early morning before the crowds arrive.

So I went down to Cork to see a friend of mine in Youghal, spent a day there and drove to Killarney to see a relative, back to Youghal and then off to Dublin in the morning again.
We really have a great country here, loads of crops ripening in the fields and an air of recovery about the place.Though I wouldn't want the EU central bank know that.

You hear loads of interesting things when you drive a taxi, an English man was telling me how the new Garmin SatNav is so much better than before,it is connected to a control center "Heavy traffic ahead, would you like to divert?""You are changing lane, please move to left hand lane"
Etc.. He hit a hell of a bump coming off a motorway doing 70 mph and the satnav sent in a report.
He saw an overturned car down the bank and thought that some poor sod had lost control and crashed.
Indeed they had..
The crash was reported and the police didn't investigate until 3 days later!
The male driver was dead and his passenger died in hospital after being rescued.
There will be more than a few questions to be answered there.

We had 5 cruise ships into Dublin port last Friday, 15,000 people they say when you count the crew.
If the sun was shining we could have sold tons of ice cream..

Do you know of D'Lite studio?
It was set up by a Polish girl called Agata, she has a studio over a few garages in which to do fashion photography, she also rents space. Then she makes movies and documentaries add to this her photo magazine called Blow, then she has a school of photography.
She is a qualified architect as well.
She was awarded Irish business woman of the year a few years ago.

In every way she is incredible!

I have been bumping into her for around 5 years now and she goes on from strength to strength.

Give her a Gooogle.

I wish I had been a police man today, a learner driver with her phone stuck on to the center of the windscreen of the car talking on Skype while driving alone. I can only hope that we don't share the same insurance company.

I picked up an odd one from Czech republic in Fairview  today, I couldn't understand which destination she was giving,
Go up the Malahide Rd. She said the name of the place go..
I asked her if she had it written down and she just stuck a mobile phone right into my face.
I stopped the car "Baldoyle industrial estate".

How can you drive a taxi when you don't know where you are going?

If I had known your destination I would have never driven up the Malahide  Rd like you asked.
Its the Howth Rd or the coast rd.  Foreign people are really good at helping you with their destination, after all we have a common goal in getting there. I knocked 50c off the fare and she just said.
"I will leave this empty yoghurt drink bottle here"
and off she went, out of my life hopefully for ever .

I got a job with 2 lady's from Liverpool today and they told me that they used to stay at the Clarance hotel (Bono's place) and that Bono has sold his interest in it now and it has really become run down, it used to be great and it is sad to see it so badly managed..

Did you ever hear of a "Parcel Motel?"

They are all over Dublin.
If you are looking for something from Amazon and they don't deliver to S.Ireland you register with and when you place your order with Amazon and it is delivered to the N Ireland and the Nightline people bring it down to Dublin and put it into a locker near you.
Then they text you with the code to unlock the locker.
For a normal packet the charge is €5.
Now I have a son in Northern Ireland and he obliges me, but it is a good back up.

Why don't Amazon oblige us by delivering electrical goods to the Republic?
Simply our returns policy dictates that the price includes the cost of recycling, and they must take back the faulty TV or kettle.Which they couldn't do.

There was a big concert here at the weekend Ed Sheeran, a great show enjoyed by 160,000 people over 2 nights.

This is not a rehearsal   Live your life today

I didn't know him until I looked him up.

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