Saturday, July 11, 2015

Last Sundays vintage car show

                      A herd of Jaguars

                                As good as new !!!! Or bettter
                     The end of a Prius
                       Massey Bros.. Motorbike hearse!
My first(Not this one) car a Hillman Imp..

Perhaps you will go next year ?


  1. Hi all taxi drivers in Dublin. Would anyone remember a fare from Dame St to Moyville in Rathfarnham? Driver was talking all about uber app and asked ny son for hs phone to install it on it, My son got out of cab without phone and chased after cab hen realsied it was gon but couldn't stop him Doe uber have a list of drivers or can anyone message for him please Its a HTCOne 9 metal gray PLease, please please

    1. Helen you should contact the Garda, because if he didn't hand in the phone he stole it. I couldn;t find it.
      Registered Address:2 Pembroke House 28-32 Upper Pembroke Street,
      Dublin 2 according to companies office