Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Galway races

As you might know I am writing a Kindle book.
So today I have decided to share a story from it with you..

Two taxi drivers had built up a small pot of money between them and they decided that they would go to the Galway races, on the last day they had two hot outsider tips....Sure winners...They would make a killing and take the bookies for broke.
All the way there there they laughed at how they would buy with the money.
But above all else they would have a great time in Galway.

and up to a point they did.

But their horses, those hot tips were "Also ran" So they joined the procession of traffic back to Dublin.
They were as mad as hell, The money for the rent and more besides were lost on those stupid horses.

As they were beginning to settle down their fate they saw a happy smiling face thumbing a lift.
They stopped and he to was going to Dublin as well..
Unlike them he had a fantastic week at the races.
He was great sport, full of stories which would have put the tales of the  Arabian nights into the shade.

Life was good after all until they reached Kilbeggan in the dark.
There was a Garda there directing traffic and when he saw the car he stopped them.
"You only have one headlight working
Your tax is two months out of date
Taking out his note book he wrote down their details.
You have a bald tyre as well
He finished writing, and then the hitch-hiker got out.

"Garda these guys are not criminals! They lost their shirts at the races could not cut them a bit of slack?" ,
He put his arms around the Garda and hugged him, tapping him  on the chest.
The guys in the car were going mad in case they were all going to be locked up because of his antics.

Then he stopped, shook hands with the Garda. hugged him again and got back into the car.

"Lads this traffic is crap, I will show you a quicker way back to Dublin."
So the narrowest of minor roads were followed back to the big smoke.
On arrival in Crumlin the hitch hiker turned to the lads.

This is my stop
You are a great pair of lads, don't worry about that copper you will hear nothing more about him unless he has a fantastic memory.

Then the turned to the lads and handed them the Gardas note book.

Have you any idea what I do for a living?

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