Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pissed and far from Copenhagen

                                                      Statues holy and otherwise !

                                        Statues from the Solomon gallery

Last night a taxi driver named as Martin Mulligan was murdered near Dundalk.
He was 53 years old and the Garda are investigating.
He was stabbed to death and the Garda believe that the motive was robbery.
The moment when this might happen to any of us is always present.

God bless him and keep his family safe.

Just a few words to fill you in.
I  have been plugging away as usual chasing my tail like a dog and getting nowhere.

A man got into my taxi the other day and he got me thinking that I really am a lucky guy.

I was passing into town past the Coachmans Inn and there was 2 guys waving down a taxi and I stopped,
The situation was a taxi drivers nightmare. One guy completely pissed out of his mind and the barman holding him up. But it turned out that he had missed his flight to Copenhagen and was now going back to the airport. He was gasping and fighting for breath and he was puffing at an inhaler as we went. He was coughing and getting no benefit from the inhaler.
I told him to relax and that when he got home he should buy an Aero Chamber which allows you to suck in the fumes without the "puff" taking you breath away and making you cough.
"It doesn't matter a damn I only have a year to live"he said.
I took a good look at him, he could have been a rock star, he was dressed like that.
He was younger than me too.

But why would anyone neglect a guy like this? Even an asshole like me could see that this guy had potential and a little bit of loving kindness would pay big dividends in the end.

But now today he was pissed and broke.

But he had a credit card.

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