Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back from Holland

 Trappist monks make great beer.
 This road crosses the border

    A building in Amsterdam Yes the top leans out at least 2 ft.
 This is a car park which is under a lake, 3 floors or more.
They did it because they can.

A quick dash and I was gone to Holland.
I was there many years ago and my brother in law has lived there for more than 30 years, more than enough time for a visit.
The Dutch people are great workers,1/2 the country is under sea level. While we were there Paris got flooded.
No floods in Amsterdam.
It is well known that if the Dutch people lived in Ireland it would feed the world.
If the Irish lived in Holland we would drown.
 If you ever saw the truck loads of flowers coming into Dublin every week you would well believe it.

We fall very short when it comes to how things should be done.

A baby was in a parked car in the sun last week. 
Someone phoned for the cops but there wasn't a car available!!.
The people in the car beside it filmed the situation (Over 20c)  
When the parents came back they gave out to them and said that they would put the footage on you tube.  
Again the parents were not concerned.
But when it got attention the parents asked the Garda to have the footage taken down in case it distressed their parents.

Hold on!

The Garda couldn't send a car around and now they are concerned that someone might see the footage and be distressed!.

This is a load of Bollix.. 

But a dog died in a locked car last week and now they seem to be coming to grips with the situation. 

Back to work and may I say great as the Dutch are it is really great to be home. 

But as a wise man once said to me.

"Its easy to make the world a better place.
Just start in your own corner and work from there " 

As for the kid in the car?

And more of Uber.

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