Monday, June 13, 2016

Aileans sighted

   At many main stations in Holland they have pianos with "play me" notices

This has to be an Celestial  landing craft..On a corner, Double lines,On a pedestrian crossing and on the footpath..
It has to be a space traveler!!!

You know I used to think that when it came to brains we were pretty much equal.
Here is an example that proves it is not so.
Two guys going to the American ambassadors residence, I overheard one of the guys ask the porter at the hotel
"what is the story about tipping?"
So later on off we went, the conversation was about jet lag etc.
Then one asked "Whats the guys name we are meeting?"

Perhaps these guys are the people from space?

So they were going to the American Ambassadors house, they were dressed in casuals and they didn't even know in a clear and definite way who they were meeting.
So we arrived €16.80.
I gave him a printed receipt and his change, as they got out I just happened to notice that one of them had a take away tea in his hand.
Instead of driving off I said.
"Lads if you are not on drugs or brain damaged could you take a look at yourselves?"

They looked at me as if I was stupid.

"You are going into an Embassy building dressed like 2 hippies, America is mourning a mass murder and you waltz in with a cup of tea in your hand!!!! Are yous fucking mad?"

They put the tea back into my cup hoder..

I guess the tip will come further down the line, but I won't hold my breath.

I hope they won't tip the porter either.

3 minutes later I picked up a Spanish family who were really lovely €14 for an €11 job.

The difference between people is immense.

Tank god for Tango.. Here is the wonderful Kristina and Julian showing you how.
Kristina is so wonderful click here

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