Monday, June 20, 2016

My own cruise through a day.

                                 Amsterdam train station        
                            The bicycle shed

                                         Street art Dublin

Well here we are at the start of another week. I hope it will be a good one for you all.

I went to a show  a show a few weeks ago and while I was going over to get my tickets I popped into the show in the CHQ building (Click here) It was really massive, I told 2 hotel concierges about it..Both of them said that they knew nothing about it (4 and 5 star hotels) If I was in charge of marketing it I would give free family passes to every hotel worker and tour bus driver in the city.
If people don't see it they wont know how good it is.
By word of mouth word would soon spread around.

But in this day and age it doesn't surprise me that the people who should know don't.

Bloomsday passed over the heads of all those hotel staff.
The Shelbourne was the only people who made a big effort.

Anyhow that is all water under the bridge now.

Popping around going here and there.

As taxi drivers we meet all sorts and people of different manners.

Sometimes you make a quick judgment on someone, often right and sometimes so very wrong.
They got in near Grafton St heading for Gardner St Lower.
Two very hard looking women with a 2 year old child.
Traffic was slow and I took the quicker traffic route through Townsend St,,,,
Boy was I wrong going that way!
But I stopped the meter before we reached Tara St and crossed the river, then we came across an "Ambulance" with a green stripe on the back.
"God I hate to see them" she said.
"That's no ordinary ambulance, they use them to remove dead bodies" I said.

"I know that they took away my 14 year son in one.
I will never ever forget it"

So it was no good time floozies recovering after a big nights drink, it was the massive hangover after the loss of a child.

I never share my problems with strangers.
They are more than likely carrying a bigger cross.

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