Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heading for my first official million..

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Poor old Ireland,

We are out of the European cup, well in reality we never could have beaten France who are favorites to win..
Well it was a hell of a distraction if nothing else.

Well what about brexit !!!!Britain leaving the EU?

No one expected it but everyone thought that all the ills of the world came from Brussels.
Now the British parliament will have to take the blame.

Britain never went into Europe with an open heart, they didn't go metric, they didn't join the €uro.
But the did follow us into the Millennium, 
With reservations. 

Instead they stood back and didn't come to the top table.
Everything that was wrong was the fault of the EU, 
the ship building going, 
the mines closing, 
all this was the fault of Brussels.. 
So they folks voted NO !

Where are we now? 

Up shit creek without a paddle as far as I can see,

But we trade one Billion € every week with Britain (Click it) more than Brazil, China,India and 2 other countries combined..

And people think we hate each other ?

So time passes and now I am coming up to the Millionth hit on the blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son says I had more than that as I didn't have a stat counter from the beginning and the old counter didn't count hits from mobile fones etc..

Who knows ?. 

You know driving a taxi in Dublin places you in the center of the world.
People from every country step in. 
If you like people it is great. 
One day I will jot down how many nations visit me in one week! 
It is really amazing. 
Every country from Norway to an Amazonian Indian have been in my taxi. The Amazonian lady was really tiny and so really wonderful.
The Eskimos from Canada were so good as well.

But if you are not a people person this job of driving a taxi is not for you. 

The joy I have had from meeting the people has been immense.

The difference between the people has been spectacular. 

Some people even changed my life for the better.
I will not let the bad ones drag me down.

Yesterday I was hijacked while going home.

The mother had collected her son from Mountjoy prison after being locked up for 3 long years.
He was really elated talked non stop.
The guy spoke of another poor lad who was beaten to death while he was in prison,he spoke over and over about the guy who was killed.
"He was a kinda simple gentle lad. They just put him in with the wrong people"

The journey ended in Darndale and neighbors came out to hug him and welcome him home.

The poor lad has some kind of arthritis and his hands and feet were deformed.

He was just amazed by his mums mobile frone.

A lot of things change in 3 years for sure.


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