Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I was in Budapest and I came home wiser.

You buy the smallest thing and it costs hundreds.

Look at the quality of the buildings.

Tour buses, the staff accost you in the street, like hustlers outside a bad restaurant.

The Danube which flows through Budapest. Frozen solid for the first few days.

I went to Budapest to have my teeth fixed, this clinic advertises on the radio constantly, so I said I would give it a try.
The first trip they assessed the work to be done and took out a couple of teeth and sent me home with temporary dentures and told me to come back in around 8 weeks.
When I came back they said that I hadn't had 2 teeth extracted in Dublin, which they had instructed me to do!!!
When did you tell me that? I asked.
It was in the letter we gave you going back.
They wanted me to go back home there and then but I persuaded them to take out the offending teeth which they did.
Back home again and then they wanted me back in the weeks just before Christmas.
No way would a taxi driver give up the busiest time of the year, so we scheduled the visit for now.
Four weeks were set aside.
I would have a Hollywood smile and no dentures by now..
Then after another Xray and a 3D scan came the news
The jawbone is not dense enough to support the implants..and even the top jaw where they had put in a socket could not be guaranteed.
Then they pulled out about 7 teeth and when the gums were swollen the took an impression and gave me dentures.
The dentures wobble around and hurt me.
So I am at home, this is the second Ryanair flight I had to buy last minute, not a cheap proposition.

On the way home I spoke to 4 other guys from Dublin.

None of them were happy.

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  1. Hiya John, I won a return ticket to Budapest on Facebook.
    Dental practice did an assessment, €8K for treatment etc.
    I'm still thinking about it.
    While there I got 800 smokes, and 3 bottles of TOKAJ Aszu,so not all bad.