Friday, January 20, 2017

Taxi driver wake up. The world owes you nothing.

When I came back from Budapest I got into a taxi at Dublin airport and ruffled the drivers feathers straight away by showing him the way to go home. I hate when taxi drivers take you the scenic route, for myself I love to be told which way they want to go, no hassle either way for me.
He had worked for the Evening Press a paper which closed down around 20 years ago.
Since then he has driven a taxi and hates it and the world.
That will not help him one iota.
He slowed down at green lights hoping they would turn amber.I pulled him up on it and told him that he was creating a negative image of himself. As quick as a could I started to put ideas his way.
"Did you ever think of HailO" I don't like to pay them 12%
"12% of a hundred is better to pay than 100% of nothing"
He was pissed off because he had been waiting at the airport for 2 1/2 hours..
"Yet you paid €420 for the airport taxi pass?"
I bet there was work in town

There would be no victory for this guy.
"Get up at 5.30 and get a few early morning jobs under your belt."
Everything was a no no no

So at journeys end I got out and while he stays in the car.
I closed the boot and then he had to get out to be paid.
When I give him €5.60 tip he nearly fell over.
Some day he might waken up.

Here you are two big lessons in life

 I often knock once on the table and ask them "Whats That?"

Thats opportunity and it dosent knock twice..

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