Monday, January 23, 2017

Magic around the corner.

As my new car crosses the sea I traced the ship as it passes Colombo

Cranes building cranes in College Green

Look at this for sharp practice less cider and lower alcohol content..Same price though.

As the sign on the back of Murphys crane "Satisfaction with every erection"

Back to work with a bang and its hard to get back into your pace.
In a few weeks my car will arrive just in time for my return from the Blackpool magic convention.
This year will be great click here Most of the acts will not be known but the FISM  European championships will be held so there will be girls jumping into and out of boxes, doves coming and going and huge puffs of smoke.

Remember this guy.
 He worked in Circus all his life.
Now he has an act you could travel the world with.

I too eat porridge every day summer and winter. it is a great food.

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