Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The BIG money is in Dublin Today

Live now and borrow..
George Bernard Shaw

Google here in Dublin

                             This is a very severe fine for having your bin out on the wrong day

Irish people are a strange race.
A girl from Switzerland in the taxi went mad when I spoke about the weather.
"What is it with you Irish! Every 5 minutes the weather changes and you are surprised like it has never happened before!!!!
Accept it. You don't live in California...Get over it!!
There is no point in taking someone like this on for sure.
You would be killed.

So today there is a big event on in Dublin.
Its the aircraft leasing and financing Pow Wow and it is a really big event.
I have a pile of books to read when I get time and one of them is called "Crash landing"
It is about a guy called Tony Ryan who started an aircraft leasing company called GPA
Guinness Peat Aviation was the worlds first global aircraft leasing company, then they had a huge financial crash to the ground when their shares collapsed owing to a few unforeseen circumstances.
Tony Ryan was in a bad way then when a young accountant who worked for him helped him to hold on to his home. The accountant bought a shop in Terenure and was working hard when Tony Ryan saw an opportunity.
An airline in the USA called South West Airways (I Think) had a model for cheap travel and Tony thought this might take off.
He approached his young accountant friend to have a look.
Almost a battle followed between Tony Ryan and Michael O'Leary and the famous words to Tony Ryan from O'Leary was..
"This will never work, I'm going back to my shop"
What do you know a thing called the internet came along..
Just at that moment
Now today Ryanair is the biggest airline in Europe.

I like storys about people taking a big hit and coming back better than ever.

One night on Fitzwilliam Sq. there was an E class Merc broken down.
It was brand new not even registered.
I asked my passenger if he wouldn't mind if I gave the other driver a shove.
I asked the owner if he had run out of petrol as the car was brand new.
He cursed the heap of shite and told me that if I gave him my keys of my car he would give me the new car as a swap.

"Its a total heap of crap! I am bringing it back"
But they won't just take it back I said.
He said that they will take it back from me for sure.

When the planets line up in a certain way things happen, if one planet has moved a different outcome follows.
"Can you take me home?"
"Sorry I have someone on board" I said
50 yards further on the passenger said.  
"Do you know who that was? 

That was Tony Ryan"

As I say the stars were not lined up for me that night, or I would have said "Jump in and I will take you both home".
Perhaps the next time   

One of the guys in the taxi from the aircraft leasing seminar told me that wherever you go in the world China, Argentina, Timbuktu or Australia you will hear an Irish accent.

"Its what you guys do, you lease aircraft"

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