Monday, May 14, 2018

Darkness into light

A traditional wagon for travelers, great brushwork

Adventure branding where they decorate cars vans and buses

A torch which can act as a cosh.
 The torch shown above can light as a torch or become a flashing strobe light to dazzle your attacker.

On Saturday night they had an anti suicide walk "Darkness into light" to raise money for anti suicide group. It is hitting so many people here in Ireland especially young men between 16 and 25.
On our street we lost a young lad. A fine strong fit kid.
We will never know why?
Perhaps a kind word at the right moment would have helped.
MyTaxi have trained a group of drivers to become Councillors and by God we need them.
Social media is playing a big part in the bullying that goes on and I hope you saw the look on the face of a bully who was sentenced to jail in America for her relentless bullying of her victim who took his own life.

We should have a social personal day.
All internet and phones turned off for a whole day !!!

Today I met people from Switzerland, Brazil, Boston and other parts of America.
Plus plenty of Irish.
There are cruise ships coming in, last week there were 5 ships in at the same time.
If everyone who came off the ship spent €20 (Which is nothing) 5 ships X 3000people X€20=€300,000
But I would say more like €5 million spent.

 One lady I remembered from the past got into the taxi. I met her again. I found her fone once and brought it back to her. She has Italian blood and said that her family came from Sardinia her fatners name name was Maloney.. "No Its Italian, its Meloni. A Melon with an i at the end" I told her that I knew someone whose name was Slaughter.
When someone would look surprised he would say
"Its laughter with an S at the beginning"

On the GPS used by the Hailo system it has been giving wrong locations today.
One guy told once me that would be because there is a large military operation taking place somewhere in the world.
They turn the public access off by a bit to confuse their enemies. The last 2 times it happened it turned out that he was right. What was going on today ?

Just found out that the American embassy is opening in Jerusalem a city once taken from the Palestinians, more than 50 people got shot today. More riots to follow.

There was a drop dead gorgeous girl in the taxi, (Just because they are pretty doesn't mean that you shouldn't talk to them) I thought that she must be Polish, but she was as Dublin as Dublin Coddle.
She told me that she was a clothing shop manager and dressed to model the clothes for the store, plus they used her as a photographic model to advertise the store. She had charm in Spades.
She will go far God bless her.

 Today I had another drugs run, a really nice couple. They paid up front.
Looking back at the footage on the dashcam their lives are as tragic as the saddest movie.

The as I had just done some shopping I got a runner

Its feckers like him that give travelers a bad name

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