Sunday, May 06, 2018

Wedding bells

The two cranes from the Harland and Wolfe shipyard named Samson and Goliath

The Titanic center

Posters from inside the Titanic hotel

As I start to write this we are getting ready to go to a wedding in Belfast.
The reception is to be held in the Titanic hotel.
I hope it all goes down well.
By the time I finish the posting all the dust will have settled.

All went well, the bride and groom are still together as far as I know.

There is a lot of history of shipbuilding in Belfast and like Newcastle and Glasgow it is all history now. It is very sad to see the void that happens when an industry collapses or moves to another cheaper country. Take Detroit for an example.

A lady waved me down frantic to go to the Kilkenny shop as she was going on a tour of Ireland.
In future I will not join in the panic as had I used my common sense I would have known that she was going to the wrong place. She should have gone to the Dubarry shop on College Green.
Traffic is completely mad in the mornings. When someone is in a mad panic it is natural to join in it yourself.
Two ladys had come all the way from Chile and were going to see the cliffs of Mohar.
They insisted that the bus was going from the tourist office on O'Connell St.
Nothing I could say could convince them otherwise.
I even pointed out that there were no other people waiting, I offered to bring them at no extra charge and If I was wrong they would get the ride for nothing. Could you get a better offer?
Yes I was right, I drove over to double check.

Rape and what happens next?
Someone has to be there to help.
Your mother, sister, daughter or girlfriend.
There is a  sale of paintings to raise funds this week click here for details

Take Heart Pop Up Art Sale 10th May, Bagots Hutton, Ormond Quay, 6pm-8pm 

Once I had a wonderful girl from Brazil going to St.Johns Rd As she got out of the car she hugged me and told me that she was going to be a model and all the alarm bells rang. 

I asked her to ring me and I would find help for her. She never rang.

It just stayed in my mind and I tried to get help. The first place I rang was Store St Garda station.

"The likes of that girl should be deported" was what I was told.

I made around 6 more calls. Then I spoke to the womans rape crisis center, whe directed me to Ruhama a charity which deals with prostitution the lady there directed me to "Operation Quest" located in Store St. under the command of inspector Jim Lorden.

All sorted now? Well no The next day one of the team rang me to tell me that there was no St. Johns Rd in Sandymount.. I kind of blew a fuse then.

Only now is the story of people trafficking hitting the headlines here. 

Click on the link "Stop the traffik" on the right hand side of the page to learn more.

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