Saturday, May 26, 2018

Evil comes to Ireland

This is the quiet village where the Filipino girl was kidnapped.

A 14 year old girl went missing and was found murdered a few days later.
A 13 year old boy has been charged with her murder.

A wonderful 24 year old Filipino girl was abducted while getting on to a bus in Eniskerry.
A woman who saw it happen phoned the police.
She had the presence of mind to get the registration number of the car which had abducted her.
Still it took the Garda a further 12 hours to broadcast the make model and registration number of the car.
The driver was shot dead while sitting at the wheel of his car later on.
The girls body was found hours later.

We as taxi drivers have information apps to tell us where the Garda are hiding etc.
We could have found that car in one hour as we have a huge network of eyes..

Evil comes in many forms.
The internet provides a platform for warped minds to meet innocent people who are gullible.
It is the playground for the deviant.
The Garda are going through computers and mobiles as I write.
There are chatrooms to cater for everyone, every twisted mind catered for.

May God bring some peace to the familys  affected

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