Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Magic in the air.

An optician selling meat ? Double jobbibg

Look at this baby 5 axles each whee able to steer. Dismantling a crane

Just for a second I heard a sound and looked up to see 2 swallows darting across the sky.
It must mean that Summer is here at last.
The weather has been cold and wet for long enough, lets hope the change is here at last.
Because the weather has been so cold the cherry blossom has really come on.
The Japanese people must be really happy to see this.
I told you once before about a woman from Venezuela who came over her with her husband in October. 
"God it was so cold, with bare trees and we even saw snow for the first time in our lives.
Then spring came and I had never seen flowers on trees before, in our country we don't get seasons, Only Summer all the time." 
She likes her new home now but would like a little less rain, wouldn't we all.. 
Today my first job was a girl from Venezuela going to Beaumont hospital the private section. I think she mentioned €180 for the visit ! 
Ouch.The private guys know how to charge foe sure.
My mother would have poured in olive oil, it worked.

We are in the midst of a health scandal here. 
Smear tests taken to detect cervical cancer were checked in a lab in the USA. 
It later turned out that 200+ were misread.
Then those lady's were not informed, one who is terminally ill sued the state and won something like € 1 1/4 million but we all know that she would rather be healthy than dying.
A doctor in Northern Ireland has had all his cases reviewed after missing cancers.
It is not right that we get the cheapest price, we deserve the best service possible.
Remember the guy who looked at the x rays and mistook an elbow for an ankle ?
I mentioned this to an Indian doctor in my taxi and he nearly blew his top.
"He is a friend of mine.
This did not happen and he is taking a suitcase against the newspaper for publishing this lie"

If you go to Rome you will wait in line to see many things like the Vatican and the Cysteine chapel, 
this is what you do Click Here this gets you past the queues and free entry to some of the paying attractions plus free transport on the buses and Metro. 
A fantastic looking Filipino nurse is off there soon and she had to go for visas to the Italian embassy. 
By the way there are similar passes for Paris,Dublin.Venice Etc 

Some days there is great work, you pop from job to job.
Other days you better go home to cut the grass. There are loads of tourists in town a the first of the big cruise liners sailed into town 1,800 people on board was a figure which was quoted. There are bigger ones for sure. Up to 5,000 passengers. This is far too big. Orders lost in translation, 
Panic stations in case of distress. We all remember what happened in Italy with that big cruise ship, still ships take a while to go down unlike planes.`

So 2 pilots were leaving Glasgow for Canada.
The stewardess alerted the police and the pilots were arrested for being drunk !!! 
All the people on the plane 400+ had to be put up for the night while 2 new pilots were brought over.
Also the return leg of that flight was lost as well.
They failed the breath test, blood was taken and an extra sample was given to each man so that they could have in tested independently. 
Well these 2 party boys were locked up in the cells overnight but the blood was not stored in a fridge. The jailer thought that as they were not stored properly that they would be no good.
So they were tossed in the bin.
So the 2 bright boys argued that they were entitled to have independent tests done on their missing samples. 

Guess what? They got off and they could be at the wheel on your next flight.
Last week a pilot was pulled off a plane in Heathrow.  

What would life be without a little bit of magic. I was practicing this once when my customer asked for a demo. I wouldn't normally do something without doing in at least 500 times without a mistake.
He said he would forgive me if I made an error.
He was blown away.
He had just sold his bookmaking business in Ringsend to Ladbrookes and was going home to Bristol.
(Its amazing what things you remember)
So I told him that there was a magic shop in Bristol and the guy would sell him and demonstrate the trick for around £5
The fare was £15 (Old money)
"NO keep the £20, Would you take Sterling?"
At that point he handed me £60 Sterling
"Keep it. That was fantastic"
And to this day it is the biggest tip I ever got.

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  1. is there any place that the medical system does not stink ! ! ! Donny wants to get rid of what little health care we have on this side of the pond ... good news is California where i live is looking to create a single payer system ... add to that the good doctors we have here and the people actually get good care they can afford. ... rant done ...