Monday, August 13, 2018

You have to stay awake

 A madman on a bike
Read the small print
A house or a castle in Dalkey

A cluster of cats.

The call came and she jumped in, from Brazil and she gave AB as her destination.
Then after some more questions it turned out to be AIB in Santry.
When we got there she handed me a €20 and then said that she was going back.
She pulled a bunch of €20 notes from her pocket and said.
"Could you give me back 2X€10 please"
I pointed to the €20 she gave me and said that we were quits now.
So I waited and then we went back.
On arrival at the end of the journey.
I asked for my €14
"I gave you €20"
Yes you did and I gave you back 2X€10 before you went into the bank.
"No you did not! I gave you a €20 from my hand"
I pointed at the security camera and said.
Shall I play you back the tape from the camera !
"Oh I see!
Here is your money.
Have a great day"

It was strange how suddenly her attitude changed, like turning a light switch.
Get a dash cam boys and girls.

She got in on Dorset St and asked for Christchurch. Then directed me and we chatted.
She was going to the Methadone clinic down on Merchants quay.
She was a lovely person, you would hope that she is not on drugs.
Story in yesterday of a family of 5 people, 2 young girls the parents and a teenage son who had become a drug addict.
He had been hammered by his dealers a few times for his debts, but he still owed money.
So the dealer came around one night and woke them up and burned down their house.

They left them standing outside in their night clothes with nothing.

There is no solution to the drug problem, just keep an eye out for your children and friends and pray,

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