Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Security problem solved?

A pouch which blocks the key signal

Back to basic bog standard 60s security

So I had a guy from Canada in the taxi and I was moaning about the bloody "proximity key"
With the key in your pocket you walk up to the car and put your hand on the handle and it pops open.Then by the miracle of modern science you press a button and drive away...Wowzer !
He had 2 BMW cars stolen in London and has not found out how it happened.
So I ask around. The thief can  pick up the key signal from your hall table through the hall door.
Zoom he is gone
I know this  is a repeat of another post..But
So what do you do?
 The first thing to do is to put your car keys into a tin box on the hall table, this block the signal.
 next buy the pouch from Amazon which blocks the signal when the fob is in your pocket.
Then buy a crook lock.
Then all you have to do is to sleep well.

The other day at the ferry port I had one of those magic moments.
He wanted to go to the bus station and none of the other cars would take him (Too short)
I was last so I told him to hop in the charge was €12 and he gave me €20 he was so happy.
On arrival there was a Scottish couple waiting and they jumped in "Temple bar"
Then as they were getting out a girl with beautiful shoes jumped in.
Polish by birth reared in South Africa and brought here by her Irish husband.
Not only that 
She she was going in my direction and brought me home.

Oh the joys of Karma

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