Monday, January 21, 2019

She just kept me hanging on.

On Friday I picked up at Google going to the airport, a young lady from Paris.
One the way there she was rummaging in her bag, "Have you lost your passport?"
No I cant find my credit card.
At the airport the MyTaxi app would not take the payment, so
she had no cash or credit card.
She gave me her fone number but the texts I sent remain unawnsered!
I took the chip out of the dashcam so I have her image.

In all logic having absolutely no cash or credit card it is hard to see how she could manage at the other end.
I do have contacts in Google, but I have a bad feeling about this it's around €30

Looking back I should have called over the police, but she was saying she had to rush or miss her flight, so she chose to stick the good Samaratin.
C'est la vie !

Today starts a big week in Dublin.
Its the aircraft leasing shindig.
Every high roller in the aircraft industry flys into town.
There was a company called Guinness Peat Aviation in Shannon which developed methods for leasing aircraft. Click here
Well they went bang and when the smoke cleared the workers started up again and Ireland became what it is now a world leader in the aircraft leasing business.
One very smart lad called Tony Ryan when on to set up his own airline Ryanair.
(Cheecky feckers)

They are very interesting folks and love to talk about their adventures.

 just had to share this

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