Friday, January 18, 2019

First chance to be good

I got a run out to Finglas and I came back through Ballymun. there was a good looking girl at the bus stop and she waved me down, then with the door held open she yelled for her partntner to hop in.
They were fully fledged drug addicts and by God the trip to this point had not been good for them.
You have to remember that once they were kids who were full of hope and asperations.
The girl was once really very attractive, he was a complete wreck.
So I talked to them about their lives, or should I say their coming deaths.
"Do ya see here mister, at night you can buy a rock of Crack cocaine for €20 and its like a supermarket up here at night time. Its kids of 12 and 13 that are doing the dealing. They are too young to be arrested so the cops just do nothing at all ant its getting worse every week"

 An American lady told me that we aint got any drug problems until crack cocaine or ice comes to town. 

Just pray when you go to your church, temple or mosque that your family are spared the hell that this pair are going through. So before we reached journeys end I told them that this ride was on the house and not to tell anyone in case the word got out that I was going soft in the head.
My Lord they were really happy, not many people cut them any slack in their daly lives. 

At present we make a 2 hour each way drive every week to visit our grandchildren.
Its great to see them, the next generation growing up strong and healthy.
They live in Northern Ireland and we stop for a 10 min break in Castlebellingham, just to stretch the legs. I bought a coffee there before Christmas and put in the cup holder and headed off for the second leg of the journey. 10 minutes later I picked up the cup and the dring was stone cold!
I carried on, had the day with the kids.
Then coming back we stopped off at the other filling station opposite the one I had come off on.
As we drove in a truck came flying towards us. (He was using the entry road as an exit)
I went up on the grass and missed him.
So I told the lad on the till my story about the truck and he said "I can't do anything about that"
I explained that there must be camera footage and he should take a note, he nodded his head.
Then I mentioned my coffee and instead of saying sorry about that he said "I can do nothing about that"
I am trying a few emails to Applegreen to see if I can get a response.

I went to school with a guy who worked as a radio officer on ships.
On more than one occasion he radioed a ship called "the herald of free enterprise
Captain Emergency your bow doors are open.
They would clear the port with the big doors at the front of the ship open to clear the fumes foo the car decks. Problem was that the wash from a passing ship would sint the boat.
One night this is what happened and the captain said that it was an error.
My pal gave evedance that it had happened on many occasions and all his calls were recorded on the emergency waveband..This time it happened at night when no one noticed they were still open.
 So you see things can be prevented !

Some poor sod took a bad turn on the DART and hundreds of peoples travel plans were thrown in a heap, with the wet morning it was good for taxis though

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