Sunday, January 27, 2019

January almost gone

Dolphins jumping in Dingle Co.Kerry

Before the month goes try to see the collection of Turner water colours in the National gallery
I try to tell you every year!

"The guy said
"If there is anything you could change in your past life....
What would you do?

"For example if you had the choice to change your wife or get a top of the range mew car.
What would your choice be ?"
"Petrol Diesel or electric?" said the taxi driver..

So we head into the silly season for a few weeks

No work !!!
I have friends who fly off to Florida, Spain and the South of France for 6 weeks or more.
I asked one of them why he does that?

Well John. I can get a suntan on both arms !
Stupid question stupid awnser.

The Bkackpool magicians is on the horizon now, my pass has arrived and I have my plane and train booked. Really looking forward to THE MAGICAL WEEKEND OF THE YEAR.

One year I was a while back I was talking to an American guy and we had coffee together, suddenly a beautiful girl pulled up and kissed us both, "This is Kristal" and she sat down, another girl arrived she too kissed us both and sat doen "Trudy" then there was six girls at the table .
"I have one big question for you.
What aftershave do you use?"

He really laughed and said "No these girls are my assistants"He is a really cool person.

I spoke to him a few more times over the weekend.

He made the statue of Liberty vanish and the space shuttle plus London bridge .
He invited me to stay in his Las Vegas home, but I know with all those women in the house there it would a big wait for the bathroom.

Those young card magicians would drive you completery mad.

I just found a video of the guy
You will enjoy this


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  3. HI John I left a brown Thomas at in your taxi on the trip to donaghmede can you contact me please 0872327721

    1. Glad to report that it was returned to your dad on the same day