Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Over the hump.

Howth lighthouse

This turkey went into hiding. We will find him again next year

Inside the exhibition at the CHQ

The mileake on my first Prius, still going strong.

Well here we are in 2019 and there is no going back.
I saw around 10 2019 cars already.
In case you don't know car regestration numbers go year plus 1 or 2 beginning or second half, county or city then the number. The lord mayor of Dublin is always 1  or 191D1
As Micheal Cane would say "not many people know that"

Speaking of him there was a programme on the BBC about working class actors and Micheal Cane came into the conversation.
He spoke of how he had become famous and had moved on in his life, he went back to look at his old manor around the Elephant and Castle.
He met an old man in a long black coat looking around to see if he could find landmarks of his past as well.
They came together and shook hands.
They had both come on a long journey from the old days.
It was Charlie Chaplin.

A wonderful Polish girl wo works in Facebook went home with her husband and child for Christmas.
They went with a German airline and as they got ready for take off the captain stopprd the plane.
There was too many bags on board. So they had to get off and identify their luggage and get it all loaded again. For some reason they were not called and the plane went without them. So much for checking things twice.
They were stranded and all the planes were full, then late the next day they got a seat.
But her husband and baby girl got sick.
Then when they arrived in Poland the airline couldn't find their luggage!!!!!
So a couple of days their luggage was found, the cases burst open and clothes everywhere..

I did feel sorry for her.
Perhaps she will give Ryanair a shot next time.

Just a thought.

Why are Polish women so beautiful.?

here is a copy of modern times
I hope you enjoy it.
It is very relavent even today.

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