Sunday, July 04, 2021

Missed chances

Before I say anything

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and relatives

Go to You tube and put in Yankee doodle dandy !

Everyone knows the story about the music director who turned down the Beatles, he said that there was no future in that kind of music.

One day I had the head honcho from EBay in the taxi and he asked me if I had ever used it.

Back then there was no Amazon so I had used it and what a great idea it was.

Then he said that they were going to celebrate 10 years in business and he wanted to treat 30 of the key staff to a meal out. Where do you think would be a good place to go?

There is a hotel in Ballsbridge that does a special taster menu, 30 or so dishes with different wines, I have been told that it is really special. I couldn't think of the name of the Dylan hotel at the time but I said that I would call in and get them to call him.

I did call in and asked to speak to a manager, no one was available, perhaps the catering manager? No. 

So I gave the number to reception and asked that they call, two hours later I phoned him and he thanked me, but they had not called. He told me that they had booked out Patrick Gilbeau restaurant. Your meal there in today's money would be around €200 a plate.

A university professor from Cambridge was going to the airport, he talked to me about property prices here, he wanted to buy an investment property. He gave me his card and I said that I would get someone to call him this evening.

This was before the internet took off !

There is an estate agent that I had used before at the bottom corner of the Malahide rd.

I went in and I could see my man through the glass, but the receptionist would not call him out. Then she just shooed me out of the office. I went up to another auctioneers office DNG, the guy knew me from having sold me my present house. He stood up and shook my hand and I told him my story. Then he took my number and a few days later he rang me back to thank me and he said that it looks like he is buying 2 propertys.

6 months later he rang again to thank me, he had made 2 sales.

That is good business, but you cannot dwell on the missed opportunity.

I am off to visit my son in Northern Ireland and I had such a job getting Sterling. I went to the post office and they told me 2 photo IDs I handed them in and the guy said that the ID has to be current and less that 3 weeks of issue. I know nobody that could do that. I went to a second place, same thimg.

The next day I went back with driving licence passport and 2 current household bills and got the money. At no time was I asked to bring bills or even on the website,

Anyhoo I am off to see the grandchildren  


  1. I was searching for the Dublin South By-election wiki page but when it typed 'dublin" google suggested your blog as I had it saved. Glad to see you are posting away. I haven't been on your blog at all since the pandemic started, so i am looking forward to going back over your stories for the past 16 months.

  2. Just caught your comment
    I am recording an audio version of the book with no spelling mistakes