Saturday, July 10, 2021

No place like home

 I know that I have only been away for 6 days, but it seems longer.

My son lives in Armagh in Northern Ireland, so we got the jabs and we haven't seen the grandchildren much for the past 18 months.

That is a long time for small kids.

We visited two stately homes when we were there and had tours around parts of them.

You could not fathom the wealth of these Lords, one of them said that he could walk from his stately home to Dublin without leaving his own land. Thats around 150 miles!

The estates were broken up and death duties and inheritance taxes finally finished them off.

Northern Ireland is a complex country. Republicans who want to be in Southern Ireland and the the Loyalists who want to stay under British rule.

You would be a very clever person to be able to work it all out. There is a lot of innocent blood on the hands of both sides. 

Anyhoo I hope to start the audio book over the weekend and the the Steering wheel university will breathe a new life. I gave a copy of the book to a neighbor and he told me that there was 2 spelling mistakes !. I was stunned for a second and asked him how many spelling mistakes there was in his book.

I tried to share Paul Bradys song the island but you will have to go to YouTube yourselves.

Paul and I are the same age. just a few days apart.

He on the other hand is a very talented man.

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