Monday, July 12, 2021

Take my tips Mr Kitchen ?

 I love when justice comes to people who have sinned and deserve to be punished. Like the guy who overtakes you at a bad spot only to be noticed by an unmarked police car.

The guilty often go free, but when they got caught it brings joy to my heart for sure.

So in Edenborough in Scotland there is a 2 star Michelin restaurant there called Scran &Scallie the management are accused of taking the tips which were rightly given to staff. Mr Kitchen the owner and his wife it is alleged took £700 a month each. 

Well a whistleblower spoke to the Times, then other staff came forward with further allegations of bullying and violence against staff. 

Joe public is of the opinion that the stars be taken from him and the union has jumped up to defend staff.(Where were they until now)

In Dawson St. in Dublin there was a restaurant which was doing exactly the same, or so it was alleged.

I must go in and ask the staff how things are going now.

It is really nice to see the bully getting a slap, hotel staff are really badly treated.

Micheal Winner who used to write for the Times newspaper had a brilliant story about a place in Italy. The tables were always booked for many weeks in advance.

There was a bench on one side which seated 4 people. They were the reserve and if they had a no show the diners got that table. But at the end of the night those people would get a free meal if no table had become vacant all through the nigh, to reward their patience.

The Matre De went from table to table asking how they liked the food and he knew many of them by name. He closed the establishment for 2 months every year to rest the staff and have redecoration done. One day a small French gentleman was eating there and he introduced himself as Egon Rone of the Michelan guide and he was going to present him with 2 gold stars, this is very rarely awarded. "Please please keep your voice down". He then sat down at the table and talked to him and asked him how he could improve, you are very welcome to come back at any time and eat with us and I am so pleased to have met you. He brought him into the kitchen and introduced him to all the staff. Egon praised their methods and the cleanliness of the kitchen.He watched for 1/2 an hour as the staff worked their magic

We will not be accepting the award, this would be a poisoned chalice, my staff would be under pressure, people would come to judge my food, not to enjoy and be surprised and many of them would not want to pay. This will not happen here.

Mr Rene here is your bill, please do come back to visit us again, you are very very welcome. 

So you see two sides of the same coin.

I have an award so I will steal the tips of my staff. 

I take pride in my restaurant and look after my customers and staff

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