Tuesday, May 31, 2022

John the wing commander RIP

 The old soldiers are starting to fall and I just got word that the wing commander has died.

We worked in the international telephone exchange when the phones were so different.

Once he confided in me about something that still haunts me to this day.

He was dropping a fare off in the middle of a modern housing estate and when he turned around to close the boot a kid of around 7 years old ran up to him and said "Please mister help me, take me back to my mother and father" Just then a man with a very heavy foreign accent came over and said to John that "he is always doing this" and he dragged the boy away.

John said that the boys English was perfect and the father had almost no English.

So he went to the Garda station where the Garda said that he would make a report and investigate the matter.

Later on John went back 2 times only to be told that they were still investigating.

Nothing ever came of it.

I feel Johns pain

I was heading to Heuston station turning into St.Johns rd. when I saw a carer walking with a mentally handicapped girl. As he stopped to cross the road and put his right hand over her shoulder and put it onto her right breast. She squirmed with disgust and without going to the train station I did a loop and went into the John Of Gods facility to confront the bastard. I spent a good 1/2 hour there asking for someone in charge, all to no avail. I wrote to them twice and I wrote to the Garda commissioner 3 times.

The only reply I got was a phone call 

"We would have to see the sexual assault before we could do anything"  

I hope he never gets a job with the murder squad.

The police here are hopeless. Unless you break the speed limit or the traffic lights.

But for everything else they are a waste of space.

John had one great story.

He was going from Heuston station to the 4 courts with a client.

As he went through the lights at Blackhall Place the lights turned amber as he went through.

A siren sounded and the Garda on a motorbike blocked them in.

Whares the fire said the Garda.

John said What did you say?

Ah Jesus he's deaf as well as blind said the Garda.

The passenger leaned forward and asked him why he had not stopped the other 2 cars which had gone through after us.

This is none of you fucking buisness said the garda.

The passenger produced his business card and said.

This is my exactly my business the passenger told him that he had an appointment with the attorney general in 15 minutes. Write your ticket or not but shut your mouth, you have not heard the last of this.

He told them to drive on.

John went to thank the passenger but was shushed for a second.

Then the passenger gave John his business card with the number on the Gardas tunic and the motorbike number. 

Now he is attached to this station. go there and tell the superintendent  what happened and he gave him an extra €20 to cover his time.

John knew the super when he met him from golf in Spain and he showed him the card.

Not again. Said the superintendent.

He lifted the phone and said Tell Garda Malone to come to my office now. 

There is no one dead but I need him now.

They were having coffee when the knock came to the door and this bull of a man thundered in. 

When he saw John he shrank 4 inches.

You have been given many many chances, each time the power goes to your head.

Put your warrant card on my desk and the keys of your motorbike, go down and change out of that uniform, we will be contacting you with the paperwork later on.

That was it, the monster was slain.

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