Thursday, October 20, 2022

Lost mobile

I really never thought that this would happen again. 

Once upon a time I found a wallet with around £1,600 in it Irish and English money.

I tracked the owner down and rang him. "Take some money out to cover postage and post it back to me please"

After much discussion he told me to open the wallet flat and cover it in cardboard and send it to me by registered post as a book.So I took out £10 and went to the post office. I had enclosed my name and address and phone number with instructions to ring me when it arrived.

It cost me £13 to send it and to this day I have not received a simple thank you.

An Indian gentleman on hearing my story said this.

"Some people do not believe in God, and they do not give thanks.

Some people do not believe in Kismet. What goes around comes around.

There are others who do not believe in Reincarnation.

But my friend some day you will be passing a Chinese shop and something will catch your eye. It will be a waving cat and you will buy it and bring him home.A week or so later it will dawn on you where you saw him before."

It will be that stupid doctor who lost his wallet.

Stupid in the present world and useless in the next"

Well last week the word came that an American visitor lost their fone.

I went to the airport and parked up for a couple of hours. I had to pay €10 for recovery fee as well.

Detailed plans were made for its recovery to California and DHL were chosen for around €100 including insurance.

The call came today and the owner is delighted to have the mobile back and she is going to give us €100 "Reward" 

That would cover the courier not to mention driving over and back to the airport and time wasted.

The other part that is a thorn in my flesh is that she is extremely wealthy and my wife will not let me tell her that more like €200 would cover all expenses.

Anyhoo (As they say in Canada) I still don't see why we should be down money.

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