Saturday, October 01, 2022

John McDonagh

 A New York taxi driver came to Dublin and preformed his one man show.

Although I had been to the dentist and had had 5 teeth extracted I went to his show.

John had a blog and when I went to New York I appeared on his radio show where we chatted about how easy NY is to navigate(Ist Ave 4th Ave etc) in comparison to Dublin. The show covered a vast array of subjects. A bit like Joe Duffy on speed. When I went back to my hotel the porter had listened to the show and I was a celebrity.Anyhow John drove a taxi for 40 years and the show about those years is really slick.

He explained all about the Yellow Cabs and the medallions. Like a taxi plate the medallion was issued by the city by auction. If you had $1& 1/4 million you could buy one and have 2 drivers working the car.

But the numbers were limited and the pay for the drivers was dropping every year.

John told us that the horses in Central Park were looked after better than the cab drivers.

Then one day UBER arrived and the search for a cab was solved. Drivers were no longer at the mercy of the garages. The got out of bed, hopped into their on cars and turned on the app and hooray.

The Russian mafia owned the plates and they were not happy to see the price of the medallion fall to $20,000 and still falling.

Here is a link

Bur if you google him he is all over the place

Just so you know taxi licences were limited  in Ireland and got a value of more than £90,000 until a taxi driver took the government to court as they had created a monopoly. The cost went down to £1,500 which is when I bought my first taxi. 
 I don't know where the show goes next. But it is well worth a visit

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