Friday, November 10, 2006

All quiet on the western front

Today there were no road closures.
Things moved along nicely and the weather was fine. I got a fare way out to City West in the morning rush hour traffic. Though the heavy traffic was coming into town I knew that when my fare got out I would have to join the queue back into town..I stopped off at Liffey Valley shopping centre. Where I noticed 2 things that bug me. 1 Why do all shopping centres look the same. 2 Why the hell won't McDonalds give you a burger in the morning, breakfast only.
Then I headed off into town through Ballyfermott where I picked up this guy going to Rathmines, then as we got closer he said go to Ranelagh. As we got over that way he changed his mind again and asked to go into town. I did say that if he was going to work that he might get into trouble as he stank of booze..He said that he had been drinking till 4 am. He was a theatre director. Its all part of the picture, all the luvvies in the backstage bar.
Still I hate it when people start changing destinations,you think you are being set up for a mugging,I was glad to see the back of him.
Bad news when I got back home .A frend from up the road died last night. From New Zeland, he lived for rugby and we would often walk my dog together before he got ill.. The doctors kept telling him he was fine though he himself felt that there was some more cancer there..Well last night he proved them wrong..It will be very tough on his folks back in NZ as they did not know he was so close to death. He died with a smile on his face. His wife had to scream at the doctors to MAKE them give him pain killers..

As a Polish girl told me
" Many things are fine here, but your health service is really third world"
She had been very ill been to the doctor, hospital 3 times, they all could find nothing wrong. Her father booked an airline ticket back to Warsaw..The hospital saw her at noon, she was admited that day and operated on the next morning..Something to do with the gall bladder. Now two weeks later she is back at her work.
So it seems that Poland is the place to be sick in..
You can see the tourist brochures..visit Gadansk the Appendix capital of Europe.

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