Sunday, November 26, 2006

Then the phone rang

On many of the blogs I have read including my own we give out about the little things in life.
The drunks who give out yards,the runners and the pukers not to mention the ones who pee on the seat.
I really did not have a lot of sympathy for the punter trying to get home.

Then the phone rang .
My cousin.
"Bad news Brendas husband was knocked down and killed as he was walking home from the pub. He had been out socialising and unable to get a taxi he set off on foot. The road narrowed at the point where he was hit. There was no footpath."

He leaves 5 children and on Christmas day he will be dead a month.

It was a taxi that killed him.

Since then 4 more pedestrians have been killed.

So you see this year I will be more tolerant , also I won't be in such a rush.

In case I forget to say it. Have a safe Christmas.

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