Friday, November 17, 2006

From Sutton to Rathfarnham

When I turn my mobile phone the greeting is "every day in all ways its getting better".
Then I head out in a positive frame of mind.
As you go through your day the selection of people you meet differs so much that sometimes you wonder if they are living on the same planet as the person who was last in the taxi.
I try to hold that posative vibe all day but there are some people who seem to be standing under a raincloud all the time. I know I rattle on about the diversity of the new people who are coming here. My second fare was two youung guys going to The Instatute of Education in Leeson St. they were from Quait doing their secondary lavel studies then hopeully off to to study medicene in the college of surgeons. All very expensive so I wished them well.
Next for shaving ! A Sth African diplomat who was heading over to the AIB bank centre in Ballsbridge.."Man Things in S.Africa are so bad for the black people no money,no jobs. Crime is so bad."..It was just like you had burst a dam and all this negativity came pouring out.
Still I know that evry year a group of Irish people go to S.Africa in the summer and build good houses for the poor people in Capetowns shanty town. It was started off by a guy His second name is Mellon (can't remember his first name)from Dublin who was so shocked when he saw the poverty in Cape town that he organises the building of homes with volinteers and donations, he is a real hero over there. He has built hundreds of houses. To the indaviuals he has brought such hope, perhaps these hopes will build a better tomorrow. That south African guy should take his happy pills tomorrow and start looking at the world from a different side.
Next punter in remarked that the lotto tonight will be e180 million,"what a millstone around you neck that would be". He said that he had clients with 50 or 60 million euro to their name , but they never flash the cash and they are so happy that no one knows. He told me of a client he had who was worth over 20million pounds(old money) who could not bring himself to spend money, so for lunch he would send his assistant to the shop for a tub of cottage cheese and a packet of digestive biscuits. The cheese and biscuits would then be divided between them.

So if I win I the Lotto I will still drive my taxi. But I didn't.

I met the legend who is Chuck Feeney once, he was so positive, " You have the best job in the world, you don't have to put with people you don't like, take a break when its fine. If you keep your wants within your means and as long as you have good health and you're happy with your famly..Things don't get better than that, too much money or not enough money each bring their own set of problems" He thanked me for bringing him to his hotel shook my hand and off he went into the Berkley Court hotel. I thought it was a pleasure meeting him
The next day when I opend the paper there he was...
He has a charaty called Atlantic Philanthropies through which he has given away more than$8 Billion US dollars! Loves educational projects and has educated thousands of kids in US.
He believes that having to do military service to get an education is a flawed plan, so he has paid to have thousands of kids put through high school. He put himself through school by baking apple pies.
Then he had an idea.
"Duty Free"was invented.The rest is history. He lived as a recluse for years.
Through he travels economy though he could own his own jet. He wears a $15 watch which has a 2 year battery guarantee. The price of a Rolex in his mind could be put to better use.

But as you can see he is not mean..So I sent him a copy of Acres of Diamonds.Which can be found on the net here. He wrote back to thank me. I think of him and others like him who help me to set my sights on the stars.

My final lift of the day brought me from Sutton to Templeogue e33 then out past Rathfarnham to Stocking lane, high in the Dublin mountains, the view of the city below is fantastic, so I put on my jacket to take in the view. The nursing home there is run by the Quakers, but it is not built in a manner that would benefit the inmates. A good view wakens up the soul. As I was leaving I was stopped by a group of nurses who were gathered around their stranded car.
Their car had a flat battery because they had left the lights on the night before. Ever the gent I gave them a jump start. But only after I found out where they all from. 1 Philipenes 2 Nigeria
2 Mauritius.
It was like being at a meeting of the UN.
When the car started up I said that they had to pay!!
They looked concerned as they were short of money. Then I said. Hugs from evryone!
Great to hear people laughing!
I must get out more.
My smile lasted for an hour.

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