Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy thanksgiving!

Today started off well enough, a few short hops then a lift out to the airport, a young girl studying here going to collect her brother from the US, she just could not believe ho we did not even register that Thanksgiving was just a few days away. I went over to the waiting area and the queue moved qickly then back to town, 2 suits going into town, full of the joys of life and it being afer 11 am we flew in. So I went back again where I waited and waited. Loads of taxi drivers were queueing up for the new airport passes. The queue for the permits was slow and their cars were blocking up the system,we couldn't jump over or get around their cars so we were all hyped up when pick up time came around. I picked up a middle aged couple from Boston, first time to Ireland, grandfather from the old sod, Told them about where to go, pointed out things of interest on the way in .Where to go to buy magazenes relating to tracing your famly roots. All the usual things that it is only right and proper to do.
The charge was e25.20 and he gave me e25.
"Thank you you have been very helpful"
It really throws me when this happens.
The young student gave me a e5. tip. She had no bags to carry and did most of the talking.
I would not be so foolish as to go to Boston NY or London and behave like that! If I could rewind the clock I would send them to all the hellholes and fleapits in this town, have a nice day and happy thanksgiving !

Well we live and learn and if it changes my way of thinking then the bad guy wins.
Why this negativity should surface now I don't know. A few years ago a famly got into the car. Father mother 2 small kids. The father was near to death,you could see the veins through his skin, his hair was all gone from the radiation treatment, it looked like cancer he was all yellow and weighed only a few stone. I had to lift him into the taxi. They had collected him from hospital but he had insisted that the children be brought to see the shops. Now they were late for the train home. Other people had tried to push in front of them but I saw the plight in the mothers eyes.
We had gone a few hundred yards when the little girl found a wallet stuffed down the side of the seat. It had 500 Irish and 600 English in it.
I made 2 mistakes that day. I should have taken out 50 and given it to the little girl.
I took the wallet home and found the owners telephone number in the UK. I rang and asked to speak to MR X No one by that name here, Oh I am ringing from Dublin..You've found my wallet.
But I said you told me that no one by that name lived there.
To cut a long story short I sent the wallet back regestred post, less the cost of postage. I put my phone number and my address into the package..And the dirty fecker never even phoned to say thanks.
If Ihad handed it into the carriage office without the driving licence he would not probably have been able to retreve it.. then, finders keepers. Thats provided no one there took it home.
What would you do?
Treat evryone badly?. Rob blindly!. Every man for himself !

So that day the stupid people won...But tomorrow they will still be stupid, but I will be wiser.

Jacob,a poor man found a purse with many sheckles in it..So he brought it to the rabbi..
The rabbi put out the word about the mans honesty and soon a merchant came allong to claim the money..The merchant thanked the rabbi and started to count the money. After a while the smile faded from the merchants face..There's 200 sheckes short in my purse I had 2000 there is only 1800 there now.
Give me the purse said the rabbi. He put the purse with the money into the safe. I have known Jacob all my life he is poor but he is one of the most honest people I know.
Therefore I must conclude that your purse which Jacob found is similar to this purse you thought was yours. Your purse therefore must still be still lost.

If only life were that simple..Theres never a good cleric around when you want one.


  1. Things punters say to cab drivers;

    what does your wife think of you working nights (gay men in brighton sounding out the driver)

    what do you do as a day job?

    when do you sleep?

    any others anyone can think off

    Posted by steve

  2. My rule is, unless the passenger was outrageously rude I will do everything possible to return the item. You did the right thing, and even though he didn't reward you, you did accumulate karma points.

  3. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Please don't be so hard on those people that only paid you 25e.
    I am also an "ugly american" and I've traveled a bit. Sometimes its a little hard to "get the hang" of different currencies.
    They may have made a simple mistake

  4. No G.S. No tip and underpaid by 25c

  5. OK The best way to look at this is to say that he thought a e5 note was really a 20..Which makes me look stupid for not saying something.
    On the other hand if you screw up a e50 the colours can easily be mistaken for a e10.
    One night a really pissed guy threw the money at me. It was screwed into a ball."keep the change you scumbag" I wonder why he was so angry, guess he would not have been happy to find it was a e50!

  6. I've returned wallets and purses with hundreds of dollars, it's just the human thing to do. I've also watched as some asshat who harassed me the entire ride drops a bill out of his wallet as he fishes for the fare, and I joyfully scoop it up after he exits, it's a jerk tax.