Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wet night tonight

Christmas is really here. Operation freeflow is in full swing
Cops at every intersection for rush hour. I must say having the box junctions open is a big help.

For the last 3 weeks or so the Garda have been stopping cars at random at the weekend. When you stop they ask you a few questions, while sniffing your breath for drink.
They caught on average 450 per weekend. Thats a lot of assholes..who will need to rely totally on taxis to bring them home for the next while. That is if they have still got their jobs to pay the taxi fair.
Just thought I would stick this in here, rather than write it up in a new heading. A frend of mine died a few weeks ago and I just herd that his sister in law got very drunk after the funeral and fought off her frends who were going to stop her driving.....She crashed..rear ending one car which hit a second car. What can be done with theese eejets.
A local man was out cutting his grass a few weeks ago and I noticed that his car tax expired last May. So I asked him if it his car. His verbal attack on me was such that it reinforced in my mind that Joe public think that all taxi drivers are scum. I didn't even get a chance to tell him about the tax disc.
I was talking to a Garda who was off duty and she told me that after 2 months they Must impound the vehicle. No Ifs Ands And Buts. The closer it comes to holiday period he will the risk of loosing it until the new year, think of the cost then. She wanted the reg there and then!

Last wed a water pipe burst and the County council closed a busy road...Thats right no detours no traffic managment whatsoever. The radio had no information, garda did nothing.
The resulting chaos left people stranded in traffic for up up 7 HOURS. People had to go pee pee on the side of the road.Cars abandoned, cars out of fuel. One passinger was diabetic and had to beg for food. Babies were passed to fretfull spouses who had to come down the opposite side of the road. There seems to be no one in charge, leastways no one will get the sack.
Nothing unusial to report today except an oil spill which has closed off a large section in Ballsbridge. but traffic volumes are way up.

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