Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hermitage medical centre beside the Dead Mans Inn of all places.
If you survive your illness the bill might kill you.

Its an advertisement for a taxi co is painted on the side of a tour bus.

Romance was in the air on Friday.
I picked up this guy going to the airport, going anywhere nice? I asked.

Well believe it or not I am going to Paris to propose to my girlfriend.

She has no idea I'm coming!.
He was trying to book a flight on his mobile, then bang his credit ran out.

He had passed his mobile number and Ryanair didn't ring him back.

Wonder how it went?
People don't like surprises, perhaps she was at Disneyland when he arrived, who knows.
Did she say yes?
Did her father and mother say Non!

Well if you are reading the blog the comment box is at the bottom...

Do tell.

I keep trying anyhow and I saw at the airport a letter from the road safety council which gave the figures for tiredness and motor accidents.
Well if you are driving 60 hours a week just to pay your bills(nothing excessive)
Safety takes a hike.
I see another taxi driver has died 51, thats 3 in the last 3 months that I know of.
All young enough too.

Time to chill out.

Last week if you would have seen hundreds of young people on the move with suitcases in hand,school is over,,,,see you back in the autumn.
If you are not happy with your present rented accomadation take a look on
this is when the cheaper places come on stream.

The old economy is taking a bit of a downturn, there will be more people available to drive taxis and more people less able to afford to take them.
Hope they do something about the rank space, we are very short of places to pick up fares.
Did you know we have a Greek orthadox church here in Dublin.
Do you know where?
And the Russian one?

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