Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Safety notice

A detail of some of the decor at the buskers festival.

Shop window of Brooks shop 136 Baggott St.

Better be more careful.
A post ready to go and it went, so here I go again.

Heading into town when I was hailed at the 5 lamps.
A Buffalo Bill lookalike heading to Dublin port.
He was German.
"I am delighted you Irish voted down the Lisbon treaty, they have too much power as it is.
In Germany electricians were looking for a 2% pay rise and they were fighting them until someone discovered that the polaticans were giving themselves a 27% pay rise."

He had driven from Germany to Dublin with 250 catalogs,an emergency order!
When he arrived he had to wait for someone to come to the place to open up, then he missed his return sailing on Stenna line.
So he had to wait for 1/2 a day for the next one.
If it was me I would have insisted on a 24 hour drop off point or e200 fine for any delay.
So his trip was Germany, Belgium,France England and Wales. Then all the way back empty. There should be a system where he could get a load back, that would be the icing on the cake.

I am showing you this house in Ashington to illustrate a point.
Dishwashers, Computers,Smoldering cigarettes etc. are all a danger in out lives.
Dishwashers have the wiring coming from the switches in the front of the door then the wires pass down past the hinge of the door. Every time you open and close the door you bend the wires. When they break they often start a fire.
Just add to that chip pans and candles...

Don't start a wash before going to bed.

Don't go out after starting the wash either.

You cannot imagine what would have happened if the residents of this house had been in bed at the time.

Check your insurance!

Take care out there.

Today the ranks were fuller than usual,the Garda are writing tickets again, looks like we are in for a long hot summer.

The new guys are very aggressive drivers,

Take a look at the San Francisco taxi blog here to illustrate my point.
I tried to embed the video but it wouldn't work.

Try this domino effect..Here hope it works

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