Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to rainy Dublin

Flowers on the Promenade

Fine Victorian buildings

More of the same

Misleading sign

The great Juan Tamariz

Well It was a fantastic week for the magic convention in Eastbourne on the south coast of England "the British Riviera"

I returned well rested and prepared for the darker evenings and colder mornings.

When I looked through the papers I found the story of a female Garda who accused a taxi driver of assault and attempted rape....On further examination of her story she broke down and admitted that she had fabricated the story and had torn her own dress because she was upset with something the taxi driver said.
Well I wonder how this will work out, probably a cover up.

I must prime up my meter to accept the new taxi fare..8% which is the same amount that fuel has risen by, hardly compensates us for carrying the difference in price over the last 2 years, not to mention what other things have risen in price as well during that period.

Folks are happy at present, though I did get cold cappachino today, I was at the car when I tasted it, you know that place will close and the owner will not know why.
Sometimes I wonder why staff and management just don't care. Then when their jobs go they are whinging about how the Poles are TAKING their jobs, seems to me like they are making themselves redundant without any help.

I well remember the good old Mohamed Alli saying that I am the greatest...Even if I was a garbage collector I would be the best one in the world,"
You know we all need to have that bit of pride in our work.

Interesting observation today from a girl who works in a "Gentleman's" club.
They have loads of money, they live in the club then at Christmas when we are closed for a few days they are really shaken because they have no homes to go home to go to, with their wallets packed with cash they have no families at all only the club.

Check me out in a few more days I might have settled back into my groove.


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    methinks I knows the great juan.....aye carumba

  2. the groove always comes back.

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM


    I'm a taxi driver in Japan.
    This is cool site with cool photos. Dublin is my dreaming place (I love guness too !).

    Let me add your site link on my blog.

    Thank you

  4. Hello Black cab.
    Or should I say Sionara.
    There is another guy who reads my blog in Japan though he has not commented for a long time.

  5. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Thanks for your voice John,

    I'll come here alittle more than the other guy. no sayonara(^_^).