Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy weekend

New taxi driver play coming up. Click on it to enlarge

The Last supper from the Italian quarter here in Dublin.

Now that my income tax is finished for another year I can relax.
Each year at this time I promise to keep a note book of daily income and expenditure,tot it up weekly, balance it up monthly then my annual figures would hold no fears.

Still I think it is the same for most self employed people.

You know it a privilege to give the special needs kids a big day out.
Kinda levels your own troubles and to see the sheer joy those kids put into their lives. Knowing you have done well gives you the energy to face the winter.

The weather picked up today, no rain all day. When it is sunny in Dublin there is no city in the world to beat it, you should see the girls saunter down Grafton St.
Now we have the fringe festival on and a comedy festival.
Ricky Tomlinson did a show,people paid e70 to see him,when he came on he did a 15 minute spot and didn't come back on! People feel that they have been robbed. If the show had been advertised as "guest appearance by"you might say they should nderstand.

Well If that Scouse git has been, comes back to my town I will not go to see him this time either!!
(both he and his mother were born here I was told)

Leonard Cohen did several 2 hour shows and he is over 70 so did Willie Nelson put on one of the most fantastic shows that this city has ever seen...what a guy.
People who came from those shows were dancing with joy. Willie didn't want to stop and he had to pay a huge fine for going way over his time. A few years Garth Brooks did the same.

Suppose this the difference between people who appreciate that people have paid money to see them, they got in baby sitters and took the bus in and will have to wait for a taxi to bring them home again, in some cases the whole operation would cost them the guts of a days pay..then the star mimes to their songs or staggers on to the stage and gives the fingers as they are booed off the stage.

Funny old world it is when "taxi drivers" don't know their way around, or doctors who can't read medical test results. (here I refer to a woman who had been given the all clear 3 times only to have her cancer diagnosed in her breast and in 3 new places).
The list of incompetence goes longer and longer.

Getting back to driving! She got in and asked for the Meldon hotel (spelling might not be right)As I drove off towards Cardiff Lane I thought that some of our hotels have changed name in the last few weeks. Si I pulled up in front of the Quality Inn.
Here we are. No that's not it, so I went in to check and I was right.
She had been at a conference in the midlands and was meeting her husband to spend the weekend in Dublin, receipt in hand she took her exact change, I wonder does she work for XL airways which went bust the other day.
Back down to Heuston where I was hired by a dark haired girl going to Jame's St hospital. I told her that the Luas just goes up the hill and the hospital is the next stop. She had a stoppage in her speech and I suspected that there was a lot more wrong with her. I didn't have to wait long to have that confirmed.
When we reached the hospital the fare was e5.40. Just make it e5. so she put 2 e2 coins into my hand. That's e6 where is my change? No its e4, so she took it back and gave me e2 plus 50c. we had around 3 more goes and I just said near enough at e4.50.
I don't know the difference between the coins, I know we were the same too.
So I wished he well and safe back home.
It seemed like she had had a stroke of some kind, kinda makes you glad to be nearly normal.
Well would I still be driving a taxi if I was 1/2 normal.

Anyhoo we have a concert on tonight so I had better saddle up and move em out...


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  2. That is a very interesting interpretation of the last supper. How big is the Italian quarter, is it similar to New York City's Little Italy ?

  3. The Italian was developed by Mick Wallace, he is mad about football hence the foot ball on his company logo work hard play hard. He trains a jouniour football team which has won the league.He is cracked about all things Italian. but the area is only a few restaurants and a shop.

  4. Should Italian quarter