Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lucky star

Today my lucky star helped me.
I pulled in to Connelly station,then when I moved up a lady came up to my window and said "Could you take me to bus arus please?"
Now that was just across the street.
"I can't walk I am not well Please bring me"
So I loaded her in and set off to drive the 50 meters drive to the bus station.
If you know my problem, you can't make a u turn and just go around to the bus depot, you have to drive around the world.
I noticed that the traffic light behind me was red, there was no traffic coming from the other side...........So..........I did a u turn....and a motorcycle cop roared into the picture."Pull in there he shouted" He was in no mood to discuss this further, out came his little computer thing. In went my reg...My sins were recorded."licence"....Then the lady spoke up."Please don't do this, I am not well and this is the only driver would bring me,I implore you to be kind"
He was a hard hearted bugger took my licence.
Then she screamed like a banshee.....
"Is this how you reward kindness?" He handed back my papers, "go ahead. This time only"
e4.20 on the clock... she gave me a e5.

I must be as lucky as a cut cat to get away with that.

My runs worked out for the rest of the morning.

I got on to the rank at Foster Place and picked up a few people from France who were doing a grand tour. They had been all around Wicklow and were en route to the Hugh Lane gallery to see the Impressionist paintings a must see.
They live on an island off La Rochelle ille de Re according to my Aldi map of Europe.
I had the guide and 1 passenger, she was British but she really knew her stuff.They had been right through Wicklow and now they were hitting Dublin.
I told her the story of the Spire...."You know back in 1998 they found out that there was 18,000 heroin addicts in the city, they decided to do something about it, so by the year 2,000 they had put up a 120 meter needle in the middle of the street."

I always ask where a group like that are gong to eat. They chose the Avoca restaurant in Suffolk St, not bad.
My lawns have become very long and as it was a dry day I had to go home and go Hi Ho I Mow...and cut the grass.

God lads things are bad...but I was told that the penalty for my sin was e82 fine plus 2 penalty points. That's the second time that a lady has cried out loud to defend me.
I would not have been a happy bunny if I had been prosecuted.

On another note try to make the special children's outing better this year.
Buy a sticker or better still take the a day off and lend a hand Tues 9 Th.


  1. "Is this how you reward kindness?"....Powerful words that are ignored daily. Thankfully this time there was a happy ending. I have been in the same situation often, and kindness, or as my mother used to say ...." Be an angel practice random acts of kindness" resonate through every bone in my body, Great post brother.

  2. mmhm, dito. I uhh, guess driving a cab in Dublin is out of the question, more of the same, kindness without reward. btw, did the French actually tip you?

  3. Yes indeed I was told to take in my geraniums soon.
    Never use onions go for leeks instead.

  4. i liked your first story - my husband's a cabbie, and i can relate to it...