Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tough times at the ranks as well

The nags with the bags in Liffey St.

An interesting door in Glassneven

Well the weekend went like a dream.
I went out around 8 pm had one break and headed home around 4am, still a few punters around.
The Garda were looking at my taxi licence as I pulled in for punters at the concert, I did notice that there were fewer taxis around, but I did not know why.
Well I heard later that they had put up checkpoints around town and instead of just waving taxis through they decided to check further and were catching cloned cars and cars being driven by people without PSV licences.
Glad to hear they are starting to take notice of things like that, it was really getting out of hand in a big way.
One other thing I did notice was the increased number of teachers, the single ones have been off traveling the world for the summer now they are back and the good old poverty stricken students with their bags of books are starting another term.
The courts are also back in session, so it will be all be go go again until Holloween.

The other day I went up to Tesco to pick up a few things when I saw a man had bought some Christmas decorations!
In September.

I hate shopping and here is one reason why.
I had to buy 2 shirts so after dropping off a client I parked the car and went into Liffey Valley shopping center.
I saw that many of the outlets were having sales, one offer caught my eye. Buy 2 shirts for e62 and get a third free. One shirt of the three I had picked was not in a bag so he re packaged it for me.
Then I went to pass over my e62. "No its e124, they are e62 each".
Now my parents did not waste their time bringing up a fool.
I pointed out that the sign was misleading and in my opinion if verged on being dishonest and as I put the money back into my pocket I informed him that I did not care how right he was I was voting with my feet, so I walked out.

This kind of sharp practice looses customers.

I got them in M&S for e46 the pair. Not the cheapest I know, should have gone to Dunnes stores.

I have noticed the faces have changed on the ranks,many of the old hands are gone.
Guys with 20 + years knowledge.
If you do see an old face it is so rare that you shake hands with them like you would do when you neet a returned Yank.
Everyone looks tired with the long hours we have to put in to put in now to make ends meet.

If you imagine that there is a drinking fountain, the water flows at the same speed and your job is to fill your bucket up and you must use a standard cup to do it.
Well you can only get one cup full and then you have to go to the back of the line and queue up again.
Well thats OK if there are only 20 guys in line.
Then someone issues extra cups!
Now there are 60 guys lining up to fill their buckets.
There is still the same flow of water,it takes you much longer to get a bucket full, you are much longer waiting at the well, you go home some days with only 1/2 a bucket and your mate is not happy with you.
Then you start to get fined for waiting too far back from the well..OMG...
Then you notice that some guys are not using regulation type cups!!
Some even have false buckets and cups!!
The guy who is supposed to check these things only works 9to5,even at that the enforcers are seldom seen.

Then there are guys without city permits coming to your well to draw your water and their cousins are at it too.

Well thats how things are here, there was one rape and a sexual assault a few months ago. Perhaps this will start to wake up the sleeping taxi regulator.

But I fear it is far too late the game is all but over.

Joe public is happy with the increased number of taxis but he is not too happy when the driver brings them around the world.
Or as the opening conversation goes "you show me where you live I drive you there".

Where would you see it but in Ireland.

Manys the Dublin taxi drivers mate will be singing this song to put the kids asleep in the coming months.

Liverpool Lullaby (or, The Mucky Kid)

Words: Stan Kelly
Tune: Traditional ("Dollia," Tyneside); arr. Stan Kelly

©1960 Heathside Music

Affectionately -- ma non sloppo

Oh you are a mucky kid,
Dirty as a dustbin lid.
When he hears the things you did,
You'll gerra belt from your Dad.
Oh you have your father's nose,
So crimson in the dark it glows,
If you're not asleep when the boozers close,
You'll gerra belt from your Dad.

You look so scruffy lying dur
Strawberry-jam tats in yer 'air,
Though in the world you haven't a care
And I have got so many.
It's quite a struggle every day
Living on your father's pay,
The bugger drinks it all away
And leaves me without any.

Although we have no silver spoon,
Better days are coming soon
Now Nelly's working at the Lume
And she gets paid on Friday.
Perhaps one day we'll have a splash,
When Littlewoods provide the cash,
We'll get a house in Knotty Ash
And buy your Dad a brewery.

Oh you are a mucky kid,
Dirty as a dustbin lid.
When he hears the things you did
You'll gerra belt from your Dad.
Oh you have your father's face,
You're growing up a real hard case,
But there's no one can take your place,
.... Go fast asleep for yer Mammy.

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    well said john .i believe there was a lone protester outside no 35 today ,maybe the next time i will join him and maybe yourself aswell .plus all the other taxidrivers who care and we will show those in that ivory tower of no35 that we have had enough