Saturday, September 20, 2008

Over the hump

If only these walls could talk 1894, what a story they would tell.

The interpretive center on the Bull island.

Well it is a sad time for lovers of sailing ships, our sail training ship Asgard 2 sank.On the plus side no one was lost.
She was built in Tyrells boatyard in Arkelow by John Tyrell and was a brigantine with fast lines just like the best pirate ships of old.
These ships are great for teaching young people the value of cooperation and getting on together.
A damn sight better than building prisons anyhow.
I would guess that perhaps a pipe which would be drawing in water to cool the engines fractured and then the water was pumped into the boat by the engine. She did not collide with anything as far as is known..
She is in deep water and they have yet to find out if she broke up on impact with the sea bed or if she is a ravine on the ocean floor.

I was in Arklow for a funeral.
Life's long journey over.
"Safe in the arms of Jesus"

Didn't work last night,we had visitors en route to Wales.
They have a great day for the journey the sun is shining.
But you know the leaves are turning every shade of red and brown as I write.
There is a sharpness in the morning,soon there will be ice on the windscreen.

I decided to change my flight to the UK, I now fly to Gatwick.
As I say people of my age watch the show "Curb your enthusiasm"
and say I am becoming him...

When I decided to change the flight I met with a fee for changing the flight and I swear that the amended flight cost more than just booking the flight directly and forgetting the other one.
Then I needed to buy replacement glasses,
"Sorry the computer is down"
No eye exam just write down my name and when the computer comes back on you can process it.
"You will have to come back"

The world is mad.

Met a girl today from Dundalk who has just come back from her grand tour.
Right around the world, Far east,Australia. New Zealand then South America visiting 5 countries there.Now she is home looking for work but wanting to travel again.
"How can we keep her down on the farm now that she's seen Parie?"

Now any taxi driver looking for rolls for your printer should head for the cash register shop on Botanic road only e1 a roll.

I may be in trouble.
A woman at Connelly station got in and asked to go to Glassnevin, as you know I had a very lucky escape last week after doing a u turn and crossing a continuous white line.
Now I am not one to push my luck, so when the "Where are you going?"started I tried to explain that I was going round to go up Gardner St. She told me to down the quays past Jurys hotel, so then I felt the tension rise when we headed for Oriel St to head back up.
You just know in your bones she will be trouble.
She asked for a printed receipt at journeys end the paper had just run out and I could show her the last receipt printed less than an hour before, but she said she wanted a printed one.
"Something with your number and time on it"
She had 10 receipts in her hand with my number on them.

Some people have such a need for power that they feel the need to complain to the highest power.
I read in a taxi driver book of how a very polite customer got his receipt and change. Then he complained to the carriage office wasting 1/2 a day of the drivers time.
The driver found out that the guy was a serial complainer.
The carriage office had never checked out the route taken by the driver.
Or had they checked which roads were closed for roadworks that day.
The fare was correct in every way.
So he told them that the next time they should check the journey out themselves and that the complainant should also have to appear because he would be bring a solicitor with him the next time.

There never was a next time in 40 years.

Compare her with all she has going for her to one I met earlier.

2 guys go in the one in the front seat sat with his bottom on the edge of the seat leaning backwards, first guy got out then the other guy started talking to me.
He had fallen from a balcony in a flats complex down 7 floors and landed on his feet.

Then all the bones in his body impacted and his back broke in 2 places vertebrae impacted as well different organs bursting open while his legs went up into his rib cage, one of them bursting out through his chest..
He must in one way be the luckiest man alive in one way but you could see the pain in his face as he was getting out.
I reckon he is on methadone because of his yellow complection and with the amount of pain he suffered he would have had to go on heroin to survive.(Yes he was a tipper.)
I met another guy a few years ago who had a hell of a motorcycle crash who had been through the mill as well.. they lived less than 20 yards form each other.

My man is going to have a new baby in a few weeks time and is waiting to have some rods taken from his back and the bones in his back fused together.

You know I would wish him the Lady's share of good luck to pass to him.
I would like for his share of bad luck to pass to her.

One other lady I met who lives here in Dublin Jean Darling As soon as she spoke I knew who she was. I was put in charge of the at a funeral a few years ago.
There is a woman with a hell of a CV.
Talked about magic all the way home.
A Very entertaining lady.

Good day to you all and as Dave Allen once said.

"Until we meet again
May your God go with you."

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