Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I think this was called the National Irish bank in Foster place.
Its owned by Trinity college now.

I noticed this sign at the port 3 weeks ago.
A long wait for sure

A really well mentained house in Sandymount.

Happy Thanksgiving!
One thing Americans who come to live here find strange is that we don't have thanksgiving, our turkey is for Christmas !

You know its a funny world.
One of Belfast's longest serving staff members has re mortgaged her house to fund the rape crisis center.
The council has not sent funds for 3 years.
Selling her house was a last resort.

Perhaps it is not needed you might think?

Well no,they get 100 calls a week!
Rape has increased in NI by 50% since 2002.
In the first 6 months of 2007 there were 73 child rapes in Northern Ireland.

Makes you think.

Sometimes I feel that we should storm the Basteele and drag out our useless leaders and cut off their benefits.

"At a time when the members of the Northern Ireland assembly draw a wage and do not sit in Stormount an angel in heaven must be crying" (My quote)......Taken from the Sunday Times 23/11.

Perhaps its just me thats going crazey, but when you read things like that in the paper you just don't know what to think.

The MD of our national work strategy group known as FAS has at last resigned because of his lavish spending.$900 rounds of golf and $400 hairdoos Florida must be a very nice place.
They had been gunning for him for months.

I am glad that I am pulling the contents of my garage out,it keeps me busy,If I was driving anything like full time I would be pulling out my hair in fistfuls.

You just can't get on to a rank in Dublin now because there are so many taxis on the road.

Some guys must be in a very bad way now.

I was looking at the Tampa taxi blog perhaps things are not any better anywhere else I don't know.
Supply and demand, well we have supply.

I the UK they are cutting VAT (sales tax) while they are increasing it here.
We have a land border with the UK so cars are driving up to Newry causing traffic jams.
While in Dundalk, the republic side, shops are empty.

But the news is not all bad petrol is to be had at e.99.9....that's under a euro!!

Just back from the night shift it was good Geremy Clarkson and co held the Top Gear show the punters were very happy coming out.
What do you mean you don't know who he is?

They were on TV last week driving the new Beugatti on a test track 250 MPH!!!!!!
Fast by any reckoning.

Anyhoo I got a run down to Manooth and got e50 for my trouble.


  1. The speed of that thing was awesome, if I remember the episode correctly, it seems a wee bit hard on petrol though. Loved the Aston Martin shot. Got a friend who has 2 of them plus an XKE ragtop. Great styling, but the Jaguar is by far the superior machine. He also has a 1971 426 cu in Hemi-Cuda convertible. It's far and away the best acceleration and top speed vehicle. As long as you keep going straight it's terrific. Handling isn't its strong point, corners like an old beer delivery wagon.

  2. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Yes Mike the vintage ones (like yourself )are the best. I love the old Jager clocks and dials on the Jags and Daimlers really beautiful. Well you never know ,with an empty garage and all...John

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    "In the UK they are cutting VAT (sales tax) while they are increasing it here.
    We have a land border with the UK so cars are driving up to Newry causing traffic jams.
    While in Dundalk, the republic side, shops are empty.".
    Note to readers outside of Ireland-the only reason for "the land border is that the northern part of our country is occupied by the british.....

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    the "border issue" happens everywhere, even in Poland which should be less expensive than Germany, people who live close to the border do their shopping in Germany because it is (in most cases)cheaper...
    Have a good (busy) weekend,

  5. We live along the US-Can border and there's a lotta 'cross-shopping' here. I'm dual citizen due to treaty terms & some of the young'ns live in Canada & some inna US. Even got one who's now a Philippine citizen as she's married to a Philippino & living in Manila.