Friday, February 20, 2009

Back for a while.

"Metal fatigue"

The inside of the taxi meter shop.

Teddy bears at the o2 (Point)

Well I am back in town with my blog layout still broken.
But that is nothing when you look at what is going on in the world.

I was in Youghal county Cork for a day to see a friend of mine and to get away from Dublin.
The countryside is looking good, Daffodils are up and snowdrops ,crocuses.
Didn't see any baby lambs though. Perhaps they are indoors away from the foxes.
The industrial gloom and doom is in every town.
Every town has big factories boarded up and closed.
Waterford crystal workers are barricaded inside the factory with banners outside.
This is one product well worth keeping.
I hope that our prime minister will not be bringing the Shamrock to the white house on St Patricks day to Mr Obama in a Tupperware bowl instead of a Waterford glass cut crystal bowl.
That would look bad.

You know I am not too bad when compared to the People who invested money with a guy called Bernard Madoff. He was running a 50 Billion dollar Ponzi scheme (as in Charles Ponzi who ripped off the gullible in 1920), a pyramid investment fraud.
Well among his clients were the family of Walter Noel who had invested....(drum roll)
$7.5 Billion and 2 of his beautiful daughters had also invested their own fortunes.

Now all gone.

One old guy had invested $114 million.....All gone.

Or the people of Iceland where the banking system collapsed..
2 ladies on the paper going in to sign for unemployment benefit, they were architects aged 59 and 53,
Their company had a turnover of 1.8 million euro and employed 28 people.
Everything gone.
It will be hard to come back at that age, as it is for taxi drivers of the same age.

The 2 things were not related but it reflects the times we are living in.

Suppose you can find loads of people who are worse off than you.
Time to get to work,
sorry I didn't bring my camera to Cork.

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