Monday, February 09, 2009

Dublin taxi demonstration 2

What do we want?

Caps on cab numbers.

The minister may not care,the regulator may not care, so brothers and sisters we must care for each other.

As many as 15 taxi drivers have taken their lives since this dispute started. We are all here together, talk to each other.

I have lived in Spain there is only one union there. We have 4 and not one of them are here today.

What qualifications does the regulator hold to justify her salary?

There is no point in coming to this office again she says she has now power.

There is no point in marching to the Dail on Monday either,they don't sit on Mondays

Minister you might not listen to us, but you will hear us next week.

Bring your partners and kids, deregulation is another word for anarchy, where no rules apply.

Deregulation is when builders build houses with no infrastructure, schools, shops or churches.Pushing the prices higher by the day.Putting homes beyond reach saddling our children with 40 year mortgages, because no one shouted stop.

When the same builders bubble burst the government baled out the wealthy bankers, while taxi drivers homes are being reposessed.

Hundreds of taxis are being rented out by the week, who knows who is driving them.
The public should ask am I safe?

This from

The wonderful lady taxi driver(I use the word lady loosely)who gave the taxi drivers the fingers was given a ticket for smoking in a PSV and for incitement.
Kinda spoils her day.

John McDonough a New York taxi driver tells us what a scab is.

The fight continues


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    15 Taxi drivers have taken their own lives? Really? When? Where? Who? Is it just an urban myth?

  2. All I can say is that I knew 2 who recently topped themselves.
    In This job we work alone we do not go to a central place and work from there.
    So someone could be dead and you would never know.
    Give the union a call, they will give you the widows addresses Thomas.

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    the goverment wants all taxi drivers to get 9 to 5 jobs and pay tax and then go out in there taxis and pay more tax.the only thing taxi is good for now driving to your 2nd job in bus lanes.has to come to taxi drivers having heartattacks behind the weel.messed up country.

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Whats with all the foriegn national drivers? If the roles were reversed i doubt irish taxi drivers would last to long in the likes of Poland, China, Nigeria etc etc??

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Well people wanted deregulation and they got it, Why is it that when the Gardai start checking Taxi's around the city all the nigerian drivers go to ground, and we all make money, Surely that is a indication that there are hundreds of illegal drivers and cars out there!!!!

  6. Anonymous1:28 AM

    As per usual shooting themselves in the foot ,by refusing to take tourists at the airport, losers losers losers, get real jobs and stop the whinging