Thursday, November 19, 2009

Batten down the hatches

A fine old classic car ZV was the classification for vintage cars

The Virgin Mary stands keeping an eye out in Pimlico

Modern office block Sandyford

Theres a big storm coming

My second ride on Thursday was from Marino down to East Wall,this was once a very close community where dock workers and people who worked in the small factories in the area lived.
Everyone knew everyone for generations, times have changed, now you don't even know your neighbour.

This guy as it turned out had come home to bury his father.

His Dads wish was that he be taken from the hospital to the church and then to the crematorium all in one day,this upset the son as it left no time for relations to come from abroad. Plus that even many of the locals had not heard the news yet.
Still his Dads dying wish had to be fulfilled.
At least he had not asked that the coffin be carried shoulder high to the graveyard!
I saw this happen a few times in in this city in the distant past, its weird to see.

One has to be careful with the people who get into the taxi,you never know whats going on inside their heads, they may be going to identify a relative after an accident, or off to collect their Lotto winnings.
Who knows?

Proceed with caution.

A Chinese young couple I met in the docklands area, I just had to complement the girl on her pronunciation, "why wouldn't I be able to speak English well ?, wasn't I born here".
She told me how all her family had married into the Irish and all her cousins were mixed race, this is quite rare as the Chinese are inclined to marry each other.

There is a story about the Chinese in Liverpool, that settlement is one of the oldest outside China.
During world war 2 the British sent for more Chinese men to join the merchant navy, they came over and while on leave settled in with the local girls, kids followed and then the war ended. They were all deported,splitting up the families. They were Chinese so they had no rights, the children and their mothers fell on hard times for sure... You think of the "Good old days" they were hard times for those who lived through those times themselves.

It was busy today of interest was a man from Newcastle and his wife who is living in Rio in Brazil,he was amused when I told him that the girls who hand out the Hearld am free paper in the morning come from Brazil. The guy who organizes the distribution is Brazilian so he looks after his own.

One thing about Brazilian girls is the mixture of all the different races gives you a race of very beautiful people.
I forgot to tell him that I once shook hands with a lady who shook hands with Ronnie Biggs the great train robber.

The president of Macedonia was putting on quite a parade today, driving around with outriders sirens blaring.
I hate how these tin pot rulers disrupt traffic just to show how important they are "Look at me"...Where the heck is Macedonia anyhow?

I suppose I am upset about these escorts when I recall that woman lost a kid a few years back just because she couldn't get a Garda escort, all the motorcycles were deployed..The person who took the request had not got the cop on to prioritize the call, so the ambulance had to stop outside Lucan and deliver the child which did not survive.
I would hope that nothing like that would ever happen again.

The carnage continues on the roads, 4 young girls died and a fifth is critical after an accident in Galway.

The weather is very bad, heavy rain and strong winds with plenty of leaves on the roads, take it easy.

This safety notice is very hard to watch, but if you drink...think.

I think she is very brave to make this advertisment!

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