Thursday, April 22, 2010

Domestic abuse.

Angels are cheap today

Someone wants my business..
Well this guy should not be closed owing to unforeseen circumstances.

Seems like they are going to tighten up on the taxi rental market, about time too.
Too many guys renting one car and 3 or 4 people driving it most of them without insurance.


My eldest boy got a puncture on his bicycle last night and even thought I had a lot on I bought a puncture repair kit and headed off to Palmerstown to rescue him.

I dropped off the compressor and the puncture repair kit and went off to Liffey Valley to buy a copy of Car Mechanics magazine, its hard to get.

When I went back there he was in the back garden chatting away to the girl who lived there, tyre not even off!

So I got him moving and when he had nicked the tube putting the tyre back on I was forced to take charge and finish it myself..Kids have a knack of doing things so badly that you just do it yourself because you just can't watch them doing it so badly.

Well when I did get finished and was going home I was stopped by a girl at the start of the South Circular Road heading for Erigall Rd.
She was really attractive and a hairdresser, so she,like any good taxi driver was used to talking to her clients.. I told her about my son being back home with the family at 28 and how hard it is for us all.
"Me too I am back at home too after the break up of my relationship" she said..She went on to tell me a few details of living with a violent partner, and how powerless she felt to deal with it all.
You could see she was a really gentle person and I am sure her experience has numbed her to her very soul,I hope she meets the right person soon.
What the world needs is Love.

Arms are for hugging.

There was a documentary on radio one click here which covered it well, its frightening stuff for sure, but I feel that the more people know what happens the better able they are to escape..

Two traveller women in my taxi one night told me of how one of their husbands threw their baby under the wheels of their truck and drove across it...A relationship which revolved around drugs drink and extreme violence a life lived in total madness.
This is what you get when you marry your cousin, madness!

I don't have to read ghost stories to get scared, sometimes I just go to work.

A traveller goes into a sports shop.

" I want a baseball bat sir"

"Certainly sir, a black one or a white one sir"? says the shop assistant.

"Whats the difference?" says the traveller

"Well sir is the occasion a wedding or a funeral?"

The irony is that its true.

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