Thursday, April 29, 2010


Have you seen the Hunky Dorey billboards?
There was a mad woman on the radio giving out yards about them the other day.
She gave out that they were wearing so little clothes that you could nearly see their wombs..
I see nothing wrong with watching women play sport. Ladies beach volley ball is a great sport.
What can be wrong in celebrating the female form in action?

If this should continue ladies would be going around covered in a sheet from head to heel.

Lighten up sister !

Well if that last post woke you up it was all worth while.
We can use this spare time to take the kids to the park to play football.
The old dog could do with a run too.

Try to wind down.

An old Indian went to the medicine man, I feel strange he said.
In what way strange.
I feel like two wigwams..
Oh I know whats wrong...You're TWO TENTS....

For anyone in Belfast or near Belfast with an interest in magic click here. There is a convention on this weekend.

X Music is a massive music shop behind Morans Red Cow Hotel.
I brought David there to buy new skins for his drums.
The manager remembered me being there before with Mike Scott of the Waterboys.
He tells me that show Bizz is bad, never ever saw it so bad in all his years.

So he was very happy when I spent e175.

There is a massive Harley Davidson bike shop beside it too and a great selection of Triumph bikes, really big ones.

Look it is simple if you are coming into town drive in to have a look, no parking charges and you can be on your way back home in no time.

So I been fecking about and when I am between tasks I pick up the odd fare.
Just as well I am a cool guy,though my cholesterol is high,9 ish !

So a bank holiday weekend.

Up the workers.
Do you remember the parades in Moscow and Beijing ?

So ever hopeful I look to the Euro millions on Friday.

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