Thursday, April 08, 2010

The weather is taking off.

A deserted Grafton St.The Loft Cafe makes great Coffey and the cafe upstairs is great too.

Photos from the newspaper as the Irish Times celebrates 150 years in business.

"take me to where the big fish is in the middle of the road"

I offer my condolences to my Polish friends who mourn their losses in the recent air tragedy.
The girl in the Delly told me that the president has a twin brother and when they were small boys they took part in a film, she was really sad,but happy to talk to anyone about him.
The outpouring of grief is amazing.
You know, if it was our entire government in power and in opposition were killed we would be dancing in the streets for a month.
Everyone I spoke to told me how their government were getting to grips with things and the great hope for the future is now gone.
The main Polish church in Dublin is St Augustine church near Christchurch, there are hundreds of flowers there and candles burning.
I for one think the Polish people are great nation of people, hard working and honest, with great looking women. Much like the Irish who traveled the world for generations looking for work.

Nothing much for me on the working front though.
I went out on Friday and Saturday nights and got no work. But my back was not right so I took the opportunity to rest.
Saturday night outside the Yacht pup a taxi collided into a row of cars stopped at the lights. One car hit the car in front until 5 cars sat there with steam rising.
No one seriously hurt.

Jut so as you know there were no skid marks which means the driver was asleep or he wasn't looking where he was going.

Either way its one less taxi on the road!

Here is a story from the Sunday Times for you.

A guy New York was offered a job in London.

He sold his apartment and packed all his worldly goods into 90 or so boxes and put everything into storage..He went off to London and after around 6 months he found himself back in New York doing an article for a New York magazine..He needed some notes from one of his boxes and went back to the storage company.

Sorry you owed us $700, everything was sold to recoup the debt !

Wow, just like that his whole life disappeared. He reckons his paintings alone were worth $3/4 million.His pictures of Marlyn Monroe and himself,everything gone.

So he wrote a big article about it and he found out that it happens all the time !
Imagine somewhere in the small print there is a clause, "If you fall behind with payments we will sell your life's goods and you can't do anything"

I ventured out on Sunday for coffee at my stop near the Westbury and the line started to move, I finished up with a girl who looked like a young Audrey Hepburn from "Breakfast at Tiffany's", she is a jazz singer and of mixed race Swedish and Croatian, speaks 4 languages and boy will she go far...Some people are a pleasure to meet and she was one.
Another fare was a lift out past Tallagh,,,another failed blind date.
Such pressure to put on yourself, meeting someone through the paper or dating sites.

I asked her why she wouldn't take up dancing. "I love to dance Salsa but its all women, the men don't go there" So boys if you want to meet girls, forget the disco take up dancing proper.
So I have my NCT (car safety test) done and next I have to do the suitability test and then to renew my licence.
But before you dismiss the book for Dublin go to.
It won't work as a link.

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